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A medical update on Jim Valley

Some of you may have been wondering where Jim Valley, co-host of Wrestling Observer Live, the Pacific Rim Pro Wrestling Podcast, and the Portland WrestleCast on this website, has been as of late.

His wife, Kari, gave us the following update.

"Jim has a rare autoimmune disease called GPA (formerly known as Wegener's) and while it has been in remission for about 6+ years, he is having a flare-up. He got laryngitis in July but it manifested into pneumonia which we didn't know until last week. He has a fantastic team working with him, one step at a time."

Jim is currently in the ICU and we want to send him and Kari our best. You can send your get well wishes and tweets of encouragement to him on Twitter.

We look forward to hearing Jim back on our airwaves as soon as he recovers.