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NWA The Circle Squared results and video: Series premiere

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A new show, NWA The Circle Squared, aired in the usual NWA Power slot this week. 

The concept of the show is to have unsigned talent cut promos, then wrestle a match. Fans will then have the chance to vote on who should get signed to an NWA contract. 


The episode opened with a commercial for next week's Power, featuring a Thunder Rosa vs. Melina title match. 

William Patrick Corgan introduced the concept of this week's The Circle Squared show. Talent will get the opportunity to cut a promo and wrestle a match. Fans can then vote on who they get to see join the roster. 


Sean Mooney let us know that Power returns next week in its normal time slot. The show's intro music played, spliced together with reaction shots from various viewers, including Blue Meanie. The sound mixing was off. 

Mooney invited fans to record their own watch-alongs and hashtag them with #TheCircleSquared, then threw to Kyle Davis in the wrestling studio. 


Davis informed us that the competitors tonight don't have to win their match, just win over the fans. Davis called out the first competitors, PJ Hawx and Luke Hawx, a son and father duo. 

PJ introduced his dad. Luke said that they're the Hawx Aerie, the only father and son duo in wrestling, and they're the ABCs and the XYZs of wrestling, meaning they start and finish things. PJ is the guy who did that jump off a balcony in a mall that went viral this month.  

Various viewers were shown chiming in on the Hawx duo. I could do without this aspect of the presentation. 

Nikita Koloff entered. He looks great. 

Koloff put over his history. He said NWA gave him the chance to coach somebody, so tonight he's introducing Jeff Lewis Neal and Tyson Dean, the best kept secret in tag team wrestling. 

Lewis cut a promo. He said with Koloff by their side, they'll get to the next level. He promised to show us why they're the best kept secret. 

Again, viewers were shown chiming in on the Hawx duo. This was a mix of fans, podcast hosts, and a media member. 

After a commercial, both teams cut pre-taped, sit-down promos. Koloff joined the commentary team. 



This was a super simple match that went less than three minutes. As far as three minute matches go, it was good. 

Neal and Dean attacked PJ and Luke before the opening bell. PJ ended up the legal man and used a series of quick cradles for near falls. Dean cut him off with a spinebuster. Neal hit a knee drop for a two count. 

Neal and Dean used a Hart Attack for a near fall. PJ came back with a vertical suplex to Neal, then made a hot tag to Luke. Luke ran wild with simple strikes and a back body drop. He then used an assisted pop-up powerslam for the pin. 

Father and son celebrated in the ring. More fan watch-along footage was shown. 


Sean Mooney announced The Crockett Cup show for April 19 at The Gateway Center in College Park, Georgia. 

That was it. That was the entire show. Not a bad concept, but nothing here worth going out of your way to see.