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NWA The Circle Squared results: Episodes two and three

Video --

Episode two --

Colby Corino came out, looking exactly like his dad when he was that age. Colby talked about how he was doing this for his son, and how his son was the cutest kid ever. He wanted to put it all on the line to make his son proud. This was a good promo from him. If he can keep that up I think he has a chance to go far.

George South then came out. He cut an amazing promo about how he was never given a chance to cut a promo behind the desk with Gordon Solie, or Tony Schiavone, or anyone else. He said he considered Colby like a son, as he held him while Steve was wrestling Dusty Rhodes in a Texas bull rope match in ECW. South then said he would punch everyone’s mother in the face to get an NWA contract. This promo was incredible.

A great hype video then aired for Colby and South. Colby talked about how he got clean of drugs and how South was a father figure to him. South talked further about how he never got a shot to cut a promo behind the desk and how special that was for him. This was excellent.

Colby Corino defeated George South

South started the match with a headlock and yelled at the crowd. He tried to keep Colby there, but Colby hit two dropkicks and went for a headlock of his own. South countered with a back suplex and then a claw. Colby countered into an abdominal stretch, but South hit a hip toss and locked on the claw again.

The ref checked if Colby went out, but Colby fought out. South hit a butterfly suplex and went for the claw a third time, but Colby countered again and sent South to the ropes. South hit the ropes and locked on the claw again. Colby, yet again, fought out, but South locked on an airplane spin. Colby floated off and -- as South tried to hit him in the corner -- he rolled up South for the pinfall.

Colby offered a handshake to South, but South left the ring. The fans booed South and cheered Colby, with South working the crowd perfectly well.

This brought episode two to an end, and I enjoyed this quite a bit. It was nothing spectacular, but I liked the promos and the match was perfectly fine.

Episode three --

Freya The Slaya came out and cut a promo about how she lived in Alaska and how she learned how to survive the elements. She didn’t say her name in the promo, which was a down point as she didn’t get that out there.

Dani Jordyn entered and cut a good promo about how she had a burn book, and ran upstairs to print off a special page in the burn book for her. She said that the only thing she knew about Freya was that she was from Alaska. She then promised to beat everyone in the NWA after beating Freya.

Freya The Slaya defeated Dani Jordyn

There was quite the size difference in this match, which gave the dynamic of Jordyn being the heel a bit awkward, as they had to be creative with how she got the heat on the babyface. Freya overpowered Jordyn a lot in the early portions of the match, but Jordyn was able to get Freya’s leg caught in the ropes and worked over the knee a bit.

Jordyn broke up a chokeslam, but Freya hit a big boot with the bad leg. Freya sold the leg and then went for a leg drop, but Jordyn moved and Freya sold the leg again. Jordyn hit a forearm in the corner, but Freya shoved her away.

Freya went for a powerslam, but her leg gave out. Jordyn hit a dropkick to the head, and Freya kicked out. Freya struggled lifting Jordyn up but was able to hit a Michinoku Driver for the three count.

This was a fine match, with both wrestlers getting cheered by the crowd. Jordyn sold very well and managed to work as the heel. Freya is green, as is Jordyn, but Jordyn was clearly more ready in the ring. I enjoyed both and hope we can see them more.