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NWA Power results: Challengers for Murdoch emerge

NWA Power Season 6, Episode 3: Challengers for Murdoch emerge

Trevor Murdoch opened the show calling Nick Aldis out from the back, and Aldis came out to greet him. Murdoch said that him and Aldis did things that were out of character over the last 3 months, and that he remembered sitting in Harley Race’s office with Harley sharing advice on how to carry himself like a champ. Murdoch said that Aldis checked all those boxes, and that he had nothing but respect for Aldis.

Because of that, he decided to give Aldis the floor. Aldis talked about his career and how he went to Harley Race’s camp and learned to wrestle, and that there was a WWE Tag Team Champion named Trevor Murdoch that took the time to help Aldis learn even though his schedule with WWE was insane.

Aldis then said if he had to lose the title to anyone, that he was glad it was to Murdoch, because he was a real man, and an example of why the NWA exists. He said it was time for him to step away for a while to let Murdoch shine. This was fantastic stuff.

Aron Stevens & Kratos defeated The Rude Dudes (El Rudo & Jamie Stanley)

This was the Kratos show, as he single handedly destroyed The Rude Dudes. Kratos is one of my favourite wrestlers in NWA, and this was a great reason why.

Rudo did some dancing, and Kratos yelled “Don’t let him do that!” looking like Kratos was going to try and murder him. Kratos tagged in and hit a back body drop, and said “That’s how you do it.” I love Kratos. Kratos hit a pounce on Stanley and then a suplex that sent him literally flying to his own corner. Kratos dominated both men and then did a deadlift suplex on Stanley before pinning him. Kratos was awesome here.

Both men went to the interview podium and the fans chanted “That was awesome” at Kratos. Kratos said that everyone expected them to go their separate ways, but Kratos is a man that believes in loyalty and brotherhood, and that he wanted to bring the killer out in Stevens.

I am so happy that these guys are staying together as a team, because they honestly make a good team. Stevens said that the last person that talked to him like that was his trainer, Killer Kowalski, and he needed to do some thinking. This was really, really good.

James Storm was at the podium along with The Sinister Minister and Judias. Storm said he would have whatever kind of match that Judias would want, as long as he put up his chance at the NWA National title.

The Sinister Minister said no, and he wouldn’t be manipulated like that but they will fight, just not for the title shot. The delivery was really good here, but the angle is a bit weird. Judias is ice cold, which doesn’t help at all.

Paola Blaze (with Taryn Terrell) vs. Marti Belle (with Allysin Kay)

This match was quick, but it really sucked. Belle is best used in tag team matches only, because holy cow, she spent most of the match selling, then just got up and no sold everything and won. That was really bad.

Melina was on commentary. Joe Galli asked if there was an alliance with her and Adonis, and if she would be joining Strictly Business. She denied that, only indicating that she has been friends with Adonis for a long time. Blaze crushed Belle in the corner for a two-count. Blaze taunted Belle and hit a forearm.

Blaze hit a few knees to Belle for a two-count. Belle got up and hit two clotheslines and a forearm before hitting a pedigree, and scored the pinfall. This was not a good match at all.

Kamille came out from behind the announcer’s table and attacked Melina, leaving her on the floor. I actually really liked this, as Melina was trash talking her on commentary, showing that Kamille watches the show.

Pope, JTG, and Colby Corino were at the podium. Pope said that he loved Trevor Murdoch, but since he won the chance to challenge for whatever title he wanted, he was coming directly for the NWA World's Heavyweight Championship.

JTG and Colby Corino talked about how they were together in a tag team that was thrown together, and they were going to challenge Hawx Aerie. Corino took the mic and said that nothing was going to stand in their way.

Keira Hogan and Chelsea Green came out. Green denied she lost her match against Kamille, and went fully into the hot mess gimmick. Hogan said that she was offended by what Mickie James said in commentary during her match, and she wanted to have a conversation about it.

Jordan Clearwater (with BLKJeez) defeated Cion (with Austin Idol) & Jeremiah Plunkett (with Danny Deals)

It appears that Austin Idol betrayed one of his clients for an ally he favoured in Clearwater. This was short, and didn’t have much to it.

Clearwater and Cion tried to double team Plunkett at first, as they were both allied with Idol, but it wasn’t long before they were arguing about who was going to win. Plunkett took advantage of this. Clearwater and Cion took out Plunkett on the outside, and as Cion had a half crab on Clearwater, Idol punched Cion with a gimmick, giving Clearwater the win despite Cion being Idol’s man.

Crimson and Jax Dane came out for a slap fight, with Trevor Murdoch serving as judge. They were going to slap each other until the other is knocked out or can’t continue, as this is not a wrestling match. Not sure I am a fan of this, given how easy it is to get a concussion, and these guys were really slapping each other hard.

Dane slapped the neck, but Crimson slapped the face, which isn’t safe, but before Dane took his second slap, he punched Crimson in the face. Strictly Business (without Aldis) ran out to attack Murdoch, but Pope ran out to make the save. Pope took out Latimer, and Judias came out and threw some of the worst punches I have ever seen before Murdoch and Storm sent him away.

Murdoch and Dane came face to face on the outside, which I think is where they are going to be going when he is done with Crimson. Crimson and Dane continued to brawl as the show went off the air. This was actually a great closing angle as we have several people in the title picture, with a particular focus on Dane and Pope. I really liked this.

Final Thoughts:

This was a really good episode of Power. The wrestling was merely there, but the angles and promos were all excellent. I really like how they are building the first challengers for Murdoch, and I honestly can’t wait for Jax Dane vs. Trevor Murdoch, as they are making Dane out to be an absolute killer.

Crimson could be added to that picture too, as he has actually been good here, and far better than when he was in TNA. This was a super easy episode to watch, and exactly why I grew to love NWA Power even if the wrestling isn’t as good as what you get with NJPW or AEW.