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NWA Power results: The Champions Series begins

NWA Power opened with a match right at the start of the show as the first match in the Champions Series: a team-by-team contest where the winners and captains receive open title shots or a chance to protect their title should they possess it.   

Team Kamille and Austin Idol battles Team Aron Stevens and Taryn Terrell while Team NIck Aldis and Melina takes on Team Pope and Velvet Sky.

Thom Latimer (Team Kamille) defeated Marshe Rockett (Team Stevens)

Latimer went right after Rockett, showing his experience. Rockett endured the early assault and hit an armdrag on Latimer. Rockett hit a dropkick to send Latimer to the apron. Rockett got his neck pulled into the top rope and Latimer came back in with stomps and a neckbreaker.

Latimer drove some knees into Rockett's back. Every attempt at a comeback was stopped quickly by Latimer, but when he went for an axehandle off the middle rope, Rockett hit a superkick and a powerslam for a two count. Latimer raked his eyes then hit a stunner for the pin.

This was fine with the expected result. It would have been nice to see an upset, but I expect we will see some of those happen later in the tournament. Team Kamille earned five points for the victory.

Jennacide (Team Pope) defeated Skye Blue (Team Aldis)

The story of this match was Jennacide using her power and experience to dominate Blue. Blue was faster with a little more athleticism. Jennacide hit a big front suplex after dominating the early going. Jennacide targeted Blue's arm which Blue actually sold quite well while while in an armbar.

Blue hit a drop toehold that sent Jennacide into the middle rope and hit a dropkick into her back, but couldn’t get her over for a sunset flip. Her headscissors takeover, however, worked well. Blue hit a flying crossbody for a near fall. Blue went for another headscissors, but Jennacide blocked it and hit a sit-out power bomb for the three count.

This was the exact right length with both women getting a chance to show just enough. This was good stuff. Both women are green, but walked out looking better in this one. Team Pope got five points.

JTG (Team Stevens) defeated Mims (Team Kamille)

JTG used his experience in the early going to stay one step ahead of Mims, but Mims kept coming back to keep JTG on his toes. That was, until JTG finally hit a big lariat that left him in charge. JTG worked over Mims' arm with some hard knees and stomps and the camera angle was perfect for it, making it look brutal.

JTG hit a huge spinebuster, but Mims kicked out. Mims hit some strikes and a big headbutt. He drove JTG back to the corner and threw some shoulder tackles and then a huge takedown. Mims went to the top rope and missed a big back elbow off the top rope. JTG hit the Brooklyn Edge for the pinfall to Aron Stevens’ delight on commentary. Team Stevens got five points.

Trevor Murdoch (Team Pope) defeated Fred Rosser (Team Aldis)

Aldis and Murdoch exchanged words before he made it into the ring. Rosser added some trash talk as both guys were showing intensity as they faced off, leading to Murdoch slapping Rosser. Rosser, however, was eager to not brawl. Murdoch was and hit several hard chops and a big Irish whip to the corner.

Murdoch told Aldis to shut his mouth on commentary and then hit a huge spinebuster. I really liked the intensity from Murdoch here. Rosser fired back with a chop of his own and raked Murdoch's back, doing everything he could to get an advantage. Aldis put Rosser over huge on commentary as someone who they could build the NWA around (which he isn’t wrong about).

Rosser and Murdoch ended up on the apron. Aldis called Billy Corgan a Marxist, which was a choice. Rosser tried to suplex Murdoch on the apron, but Murdoch clotheslined Rosser back into the ring, hit the flying bulldog and locked on a crossface-type submission. Tim Storm pointed out that Harley Race used to use it as Rosser tapped out.

This was a great match. Rosser looked awesome and Murdoch was right there with him as both guys worked hard and at a fast pace. I really liked the finish as it showed that Murdoch is adding to his game for when he eventually faces Aldis again. I can see him tapping Aldis out decisively in the middle of the ring eventually. Maybe at NWA 73? Either way, the trash talking between Aldis and Murdoch continued as the show went off the air.

Final Thoughts:

This was a very simple episode of NWA Power as there were no real promos. It was all action with round 1 of the Champions Series ending and Team Aldis having no points. I really like how that immediately put Aldis at a disadvantage as Murdoch is clearly trying to win this thing for his team so that he can get Aldis one on one. There was good storytelling throughout this show which I really enjoyed.