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NWA Power results: Nick Aldis vs. Trevor Murdoch

David Marquez opened the show with NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis and asked him about Kamille, but Aldis said “If she isn’t with me, assume that is her own decision and she’s off doing something she needs to do.”

Aldis directed attention back to the show, then talked about wrestling Trevor Murdoch in an exhibition match.


NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis defeated Trevor Murdoch in a non-title match

Aldis and Murdoch exchanged some chain wrestling to open the match. Murdoch targeted Aldis’ shoulder. Aldis rolled through and kicked up, but Murdoch spun into a hammerlock.

Aldis went to the ropes to get away, so Murdoch kicked the ropes into Aldis’ crotch and started to work him over with several slams. It appeared that Murdoch was not happy that Aldis wasn’t putting the title on the line.

Murdoch hit a full nelson bomb and went to the top rope and nailed Aldis with a flying bulldog. Aldis managed to get his foot on the ropes. Murdoch went back to the top rope, but Aldis cut him off and went up there with him. Murdoch hit a headbutt to send Aldis to the mat.

Murdoch tried to come off the top and lost his balance, so Aldis grabbed him and locked on a Texas Cloverleaf and Murdoch tapped out.

Solid match here, even if the ending looked a bit weird. I am not sure if the finish was supposed to have Murdoch slip off the rope, but it played very well into it with Aldis being able to immediately take advantage of it and tap him out. Good stuff here from both guys.

Note: I watched the edited version of this show, after Jim Cornette’s offensive comment during this match was edited out.


The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express came out and announced that they wanted a shot at NWA Tag Team Champions The Wild Cards.

The Wild Cards then came out, and Thomas Latimer said he was going to keep the titles from them. Latimer and Royce Isaacs weren’t taking them seriously and promised to defend the titles. Marquez asked about The Wild Cards' relationship with Kamille and Latimer said they were only friends.


NWA National Champion Colt Cabana was on commentary with Joe Galli and Cornette.

The Question Mark and Ricky Starks went to a no contest

The crowd went absolutely insane for The Question Mark. It was easily the biggest pop on this show. Question Mark hit a series of overhead chops, but Starks dodged a corner charge and hit a kick to a chorus of boos from the crowd. Question Mark chopped Starks, and the fans went nuts again.

Starks sent Question Mark to the floor and went for a suicide dive. As they brawled, Aron Stevens came out and attacked Starks.

Question Mark and Stevens double teamed Starks, and Question Mark hit two finger thrusts. Cabana ran from the desk to make the save. The crowd booed Stevens and cheered Question Mark, which made Stevens angry. He’s working a similar gimmick to Miz here, except Question Mark was playing Mizdow.

I have no idea how Question Mark is this over, but I love it.


Eli Drake came out and immediately talked about how Ken Anderson wanted to come out and make noise. The crowd chanted “Question Mark!” and Drake called them a dummies in a playful way. Drake said that he might have to send Anderson back to Minnesota. Anderson entered and said that they should fight now.

Anderson went towards the ring, and Drake attacked him from behind, firmly making him a heel now.

Drake drove Anderson into the ring. He then grabbed an unused turnbuckle (without padding) from behind the announce table and smashed Anderson with it, knocking him out. Drake had to be dragged away. This was fantastic.


Thunder Rosa & Marti Belle defeated NWA Women's Champion Allysin Kay & Ashley Vox

Belle started the match with Vox, with Belle pulling Vox’s hair to get an advantage early on. Belle and Vox exchanged go behinds before Vox hit a drop toe hold on Belle and then a senton for a two count. Belle hit a hard kick to Vox and started to stomp on her before tagging out to Thunder Rosa.

Thunder Rosa chopped the crap out of Vox and started to work over her arm. Rosa was looking at Kay the whole time she was doing this while yelling at her. She had some really great intensity here and looks like a major star. Belle tagged back in and continued to get the heat on Vox for the next little bit.

Belle told the ref to shut up, but ate a dropkick from Vox for losing focus. Vox tagged out to Kay, and she began to brawl with Rosa. Kay went for the inverted piledriver, but Rosa fought out and hit a kick before going to the top rope. Kay cut her off, but both women started to exchange strikes. Kay managed to hit a middle rope superplex that left both down.

As both were down, Melina made her way down from the crowd and Thunder Rosa rolled up Kay and pinned her. Belle ran in and leveled Kay with a rolling elbow, then Rosa hit a double stomp from the top rope on Kay.

It seems that Melina is the one calling the shots in this group, as they left Kay down and out in the middle of the ring.


Aron Stevens & The Question Mark defeated NWA National Champion Colt Cabana & Ricky Starks

Stevens ran away from Starks at the start of the match, screaming at the top of his lungs. He immediately tagged out to Question Mark. Starks hit a drop toe hold on Question Mark and then tagged out to Cabana, who chopped him. Cabana high-fived the referee, but ate chops from Question Mark.

Stevens tagged in and ran away from Starks again after Cabana tagged him in. Question Mark tagged back in and hit several chops to drop Starks. Question Mark choked Starks in the corner and then chopped his chest. Stevens tagged in and hit an overhead chop, but the crowd booed him and it didn’t look as good. Question Mark tagged back in and hit another, and the crowd exploded.

Stevens came in and mooned the crowd, but then ate a slingblade from Starks. Cabana tagged in and beat Stevens all around the ring. Starks tagged in and hit a flying flatliner on Stevens for a two count. The double teams continued, and they just beat Stevens all over the place.

Starks went for a DDT, but Stevens drove Starks back to the other corner and Question Mark tagged in.

Starks grabbed Question Mark’s mask and tried to take it off, but Stevens cut him off and hit the spike to the throat of Starks. Stevens then tagged in and pinned Starks. The crowd continued to cheer Question Mark and boo Stevens.

This was a very fun main event. Question Mark is wildly entertaining.

James Storm came out and cut a promo about how Aldis is refusing to defend the title and only doing exhibition matches. Kamille entered and whispered something in Storm’s ear. Storm smiled and said “Sorry about your damn luck” before heading backstage.

So, while this episode was fun and I think all the action was great, along with the storytelling, the story coming out of it is going to be Cornette’s comments. Needless to say, what he said was obviously very inappropriate, and one has to wonder how it ever made its way through editing.