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NWA Power results: Rock 'n' Roll Express challenge for Tag titles

Tonight, in what had to be one of the most anticipated episodes of NWA Power, we saw The Rock 'n’ Roll Express take on The Wild Cards for the NWA Tag Team titles. The show opened with a hype video for the match and the upcoming NWA Into the Fire PPV on Fite.

Joe Galli welcomed the fans to the season finale of NWA Power and thanked them for tuning in.

Before the first match, Aron Stevens came out with The Question Mark. Stevens wanted a shot at Colt Cabana’s NWA National Championship. Cabana gave up his match with Ricky Starks and said that if Stevens could beat Starks, Cabana would give him a title shot. Stevens sent Question Mark to the back.


Aron Stevens defeated Ricky Starks

Starks started the match by hitting a slingblade and a spear for a two count. Soon after, Stevens collapsed and held his knee. Question Mark came back out to check on Stevens -- and Stevens distracted the referee while Question Mark hit the Mongrovian Spike on Starks for Stevens to get the win.


Galli announced that both competitors in the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship match at Into the Fire on December 14 would be able to pick their own referee for fall one and two, with a coin being flipped to determine the ref if it goes to a final fall.

A video aired with James Storm saying that it was killing Nick Aldis that Kamille whispered something to him and Aldis doesn’t know what it was. Storm went on about how the NWA didn’t want him to hold the National title and that the NWA is against him because they had several unaired segments with him.

Storm accused Aldis of ducking him, and then he named Brian Hebner as his referee.


A video of the stars of the NWA appearing at WrestleCade aired, including The Great Muta going face-to-face with Aldis and Question Mark with various shenanigans.


David Marquez interviewed Melina and she said that the women were merely the commercial break until she arrived. She said she brought out the best in people and that she knew that she could bring out the best in the other wrestlers in the NWA. Melina said that she was going to take the title from Allysin Kay. Kay came out and promised to take it to Melina.

Kay challenged her to a fight right now and went into the ring. Melina bailed out and walked away to the other side of the ring, then Marti Belle and Thunder Rosa ran out and attacked Kay. Melina walked into the ring slowly, directing the troops as Belle hit Kay with a Pedigree and left her laying in the middle of the ring.


The Rock 'n’ Roll Express cut a promo about how they wanted to have one last run as NWA World Tag Team Champions.


Aldis talked about the triple threat number one contender's match that did not air between Eli Drake, Ken Anderson, and James Storm. Aldis said that Storm inserted himself into the match because Drake and Anderson was a singles match. Aldis said “We ain’t in TNA anymore.”

Aldis asked “What have you done to earn your shot at this title?” He said that the triple threat was a disaster with interference, and the NWA didn’t even recognize it.

So why was James Storm getting a title shot? Because Aldis asked for it. He said the squeaky wheel gets the grease, and Storm is the squeakiest wheel he's ever met. Aldis said he was going to drown him in the grease. He said the only way that Storm was going to realize that he didn’t want this was by Aldis giving him exactly what he wanted and making him regret it.

Aldis talked about how he had experience in this type of match, as he won the title back from Cody in two-out-of-three falls. Aldis then named Tim Storm as his referee. Holy crap, this was unbelievably great.

The interviewer then asked about Kamille. Aldis was visibly bothered and said again “If you don’t see Kamille by my side, her actions are her own.” Aldis said that all this questioning has made Kamille ineffective, that he was giving Kamille the night off at Into the Fire, and that he didn’t want James Storm to have anything to complain about.

Aldis and James Storm both cut money promos here, but Aldis was still on another level. Aldis has become one of the best promos in wrestling right now, and I believed every word he said. How Impact missed on this guy as the foundation of the company blows my mind.


The Rock 'n’ Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) defeated The Wild Cards (Thomas Latimer & Royce Isaacs) to win the NWA Tag Team titles

Morton started the match with Latimer, and Latimer drove Morton to the mat with a shoulder block. Morton tagged out to Gibson and they hit a double shoulder tackle to a big pop.

Gibson hit an elbow to Isaacs and Latimer tagged out to him so he could get revenge. Isaacs broke out of a full nelson, then dodged a corner charge that sent Gibson into the corner post.

Isaacs started to get the heat on Gibson and tagged out to Latimer to continue the attack. Latimer and Isaacs worked over the shoulder and wrapped Gibson up in the ropes. Latimer went for a splash, but Gibson moved and Latimer crashed head-first into the corner. Gibson tagged out to Morton -- and he ran wild, locking the sleeper on Isaacs.

Latimer broke the sleeper, but Gibson and Morton managed to hit the double dropkick on Latimer. Isaacs broke it up and threw Morton to ringside. Latimer grabbed Gibson. Isaacs went for a shot on him, but Gibson dodged and Isaacs crashed into Latimer.

Morton came back in and rolled up Isaacs and pinned him -- so The Rock 'n’ Roll Express became nine-time NWA World Tag Team Champions!

This was a very fun tag match. Gibson and Morton are still very good despite their age, and this was a wonderful feel-good story. After the match, Jim Cornette came into the ring and celebrated with them. Galli then thanked Cornette for his contributions to the NWA, and I am not sure if that was the wisest thing to do.


Aldis closed the show by announcing the man that would replace Cornette on the broadcast team, saying that it might be considered bad news for some, as Stu Bennett (formerly Wade Barrett in WWE) joined the NWA commentary team.

This was a very solid go-home show for the NWA. I question the wisdom of the little tribute they did for Cornette, despite Cornette’s skill as a performer, because of all the controversy surrounding him.