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NWA Power results: Three-way tag team match

NWA Power: Murdoch & Pope Team Up

Strictly Business opened this week's show with Tim Storm, asking them about what happened with Melina & World Champion Trevor Murdoch. They challenged Storm to a fight for questioning them. Thom Latimer, Chris Adonis and Kamille circled the ring and were getting ready to attack him as Joe Galli tried to stop it, but Nick Aldis made his way to the ring instead and cut them off, saying that it wasn’t the time or place to do this.

They all backed down, but were eying Aldis suspiciously. This was a really simple, but good opening angle. The tension in Strictly Business is building here and I like this new direction with Aldis.

Melina was with May Valentine at the podium and she cut a promo on Kamille, indicating that someone, someday was going to take the title from her. Chelsea Green came out with her trophy from the last PPV, claiming that Melina has done nothing for the business, and that she should be champion.

Tag Team Title eliminator tournament match: Hawx Aerie (Luke & PJ Hawx) defeated Colby Corino & JTG

Corino was angry that Luke Hawx and JTG shook hands at the start of the match, almost costing them it as it started. After some basic exchanges with JTG, Corino ended up in the ring with PJ Hawx and made the rookie pay for his inexperience. Hawx was eventually able to tag his father in after a belly-to-belly.

Luke Hawx made a comeback, but Corino cut him off and continued using heelish attacks before tagging out to JTG, who was not impressed with Corino.

After a relatively even exchange between JTG and Luke Hawx, both men hit punches and fell at the same time. Mutual tags were made and PJ Hawx got his hands on Corino. Hawx Aerie sent Corino to the ropes with PJ Hawx trying to send Corino into the air into a powerslam from his dad, but something went wrong. Somehow, they still hit the powerslam and picked up the win.

This was a decent match although the finish was a bit messed up. I have no idea how they still hit the powerslam considering what happened. I like Hawx Aerie advancing in the tag tournament.

-- Cyon cut a promo about how he wanted the TV title and that he was going to cash in his title shot earned in the Champions Series to take on Tyrus. This was a good and simple promo.

-- Tyrus, Austin Idol, BLK Jeez and Jordan Clearwater were at the podium. Idol promised that if Cyon tried to cash in his title shot on Tyrus, they were going to destroy him and take his mask. Jeez promised that pain was the only thing awaiting him. Tyrus said that he wasn’t quite sure, but he thought he knew him and it was clear Cyon knew who he was, so he was going to take his mask.

Jennacide defeated Allysin Kay

This was fine, but a bit boring. It might have been better with a little more time. The minor botches didn’t take away from it, thankfully.

Jennacide and Kay saw Jennacide dominating Kay in the early part of the match, attacking Kay’s shoulder repeatedly. Jennacide used a few armbars throughout until she hit a vertical suplex and went going right back to the shoulder and arm.

Both women exchanged strikes in the middle until Kay hit a stunner and then a clothesline for a two count. Jennacide and Kay had some miscommunication after two botched moves.

Jennacide hit a chokeslam and went to the middle rope. Kay responded by hitting a power bomb off the ropes. Lady Frost came down to the ring and distracted Kay which led to Jennacide rolling her up with a handful of tights for the win.

Taryn Terrell came out and celebrated with Jennacide after the match. It looks like they are heading towards a Tag Team title match with Kay and Marti Belle.

-- La Rebelion was with May Valentine and talked about how they would take on any tag team in any company and that they were going to bring the NWA Tag Team titles to Mexico to take on all comers.

Judias (w/ James Mitchell) & James Storm went to a double DQ

Judias is no good. He is really, really bad. Storm, however, is great and The Sinister Minister is a great manager, but Judias really sucks. I would have rather seen Mil Muertes as Judas Mesias again than this dude.

Storm did some cowboy martial arts poses after a lock up, which popped the crowd, but Judias did not see the humor in it, punching Storm in the face and working him over in the corner. As both men exchanged punches in the corner, the referee threw the match out as they wouldn’t break when he asked.

Da Pope & NWA World Champion Trevor Murdoch defeated The End & Jeremiah Plunkett & Crimson in a three-way match

This was a really fast match that served to further the post-match angle than anything else. I would have liked to see them get more time as it could have been really fun.

This started with Murdoch and Plunkett immediately throwing Parrow to the outside of the ring. Murdoch hit a flying crossbody on Plunkett and got a two count. Murdoch immediately started selling his knee and tagged out to Pope who exchanged strikes with Plunkett.

Parrow pulled Pope from the ring and threw him into the guardrail before mauling Plunkett in the ring. Plunkett dodged a corner charge from Odinson who crashed into the ring post. As Plunkett turned around, Pope hit the Elijah Express on Plunkett for the pinfall.

Jax Dane came down to the ring with a referee and claimed he was going to challenge the injured Murdoch for the title at that moment. However, Crimson punched Dane in the face and prevented him from cashing in. So it appears the cashing in of title shots from the Champions Series is like WWE’s Money in the Bank which was not explained before the tournament.

Final Thoughts:

This was a decent episode of NWA Power and one that flowed nicely from one segment to the next. If you are looking for good in-ring action, this show was merely average. I think the best segment of the show was easily the opening with Aldis and Strictly Business. Fewer minutes from the opening tag and more for the main event would have also been nice.