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NWA Power results: Two title matches

Sean Mooney announced at the start of the show that The Bouncers will be getting a NWA tag team title shot, highlights from the press conference for the Crockett Cup, and Zicky Dice challenge for the NWA Television title.

Zicky Dice defeated Ricky Starks to win the NWA Television Title

Dice started the match slow, doing a takeover on Starks. After both did pushups, Starks went right after him after this with a few punches and chops before hitting a flying forearm and then a flying shoulderblock in the corner. Dice pulled Starks to the floor and smashed his head into the stairs, bending him against the ring post. Dice did jumping jacks and then attempted a pinfall, but Starks kicked out. Stu Bennett noted that Dice was wasting time playing to the crowd.

Dice went for a Northern Lights, but Starks countered and went for a tornado DDT. Dice countered that, so Starks hit a Michinoku driver for two. Starks missed a corner attack and Dice hit the neckbreaker, but Starks got his foot under the ropes.

Dice was upset and grabbed his fanny pack, but the ref cut him off. Starks went for the Stroke, but Dice backdropped him and went for a sunset flip, but Starks countered for the pin and title win in a really solid match here.

Dice ran wild and celebrated like it was the biggest win of his career because it was. He walked over to David Marquez and started to cut a promo, but was cut off by Thom Latimer, who called Joe Galli over and told him that Kamille was going to talk to him next week.


In a great and simple promo, Marty Scurll promised to win the NWA World title and that the fans would not be disappointed. Nick Aldis then cut a promo about how he was so proud that the NWA was going to be in a new arena for the Crockett Cup, and that at the end of the night, Marty and the world would know that he is the best champion in wrestling.


Aron Stevens and Question Mark were talking about how they want more gold and want more belts. Stevens used his longest third degree black belt in the world to put it around Question Mark and Marquez. Stevens decided he was going to call out some NWA legends, and asked someone to wake them up. The crowd booed.

Stevens said, “Do you want them to come out here sleeping?” The crowd cheered. In a great line, he retorted, “You don’t think.” The Rock n’ Roll Express then came out. Stevens said they finally arrived on screen with him, grinning sheepishly at the camera. Morton then looked at the camera with a hilarious grin.

Stevens said he wasn’t sure how much time they had left and he meant the segment, not their life. He offered them a spot in a movie in return for a match. Morton said he knew nothing about that, but they did accept the match for next week.

This segment was fantastic. Stevens’ promo was great and Morton was awesome.


CW Anderson & Caleb Konley defeated The Dawsons (Zane and Dave) in a Last Chance tornado tag match

The rules of the Last Chance match were the winners got/kept NWA contracts while the losers lost theirs.

Zane Dawson started the match with Caleb, who ran wild, because he wants to stay with the NWA. CW Anderson wanted to earn a contract, and brawled with Dave on the floor. Konley hit a flying dropkick on Zane and sent him to the floor. Anderson was back in the ring with Dave and dominated early, but ate a huge clothesline from Zane who came out of nowhere.

Zane and Dave hit a splash/sidewalk slam combo for two. Anderson recovered and sent the Dawsons crashing into each other. Konley hit a flying dropkick on both men and hit the ropes, but the Dawsons hit a double powerbomb on Konley for two.

Dave was sent toward Anderson, but Anderson sent him to the floor and Konley hit a dive on him. He then hit a spinning backfist on Zane, knocking him into a spinebuster by Anderson, followed by a springboard moonsault on Zane for the pin.

Konley got to keep his NWA contract while Anderson got one. Meanwhile, the Dawsons lost their NWA contracts. Will that mean we’ll see two more students of the Question Mark?


Episode two & three of The Circle Squared will be debuting next week while on March 17th, we will see Jax Dane vs. Tim Storm. Mooney announced several shows over the next few weeks to hype the Crockett Cup.


Sal Rinauro & May Valentine came out and talked to Joe Galli about her vlog. She talked about how Sal has been helping her with them and getting her new lingerie line. Rinauro talked about how he was about a month away from getting back into ring, but he was happy he was able to help Valentine and become good friends with her.

Galli asked her about Kamille and she said, “I don’t know if you guys are ready for it, because when she talks, she means business.” Rinauro then jumped in and then said, “Strictly Business!” to a pop from the crowd for the pun.

Galli then suggested May film an episode of her vlog right now, so she pulled out her phone and the crowd cheered wildly as she and Rinauro posed. Royce Isaacs came out and looked angry and conflicted. He grabbed Rinauro, pulled him to the stairs, and threatened to break his other arm, but Valentine talked him down and he let him go. She was furious at Royce.

This whole segment was surprisingly great. Valentine and Rinauro are a wonderful combo as they play off each other well with Isaacs as the perfect jealous boyfriend.


Pope was at ringside with The Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser and Brian Milonas) and talked about how he was giving them an opportunity. The Bruiser said that loyalty in professional wrestling isn’t real, and the only thing wrestlers are loyal to is money.

Bruiser said that he and Milonas wanted to prove that they were the best tag team in the universe and win the NWA World Tag Team Championship. Pope said that when he gets someone an opportunity, they better finish it.

NWA World Tag Team Champions James Storm & Eli Drake (w/ Eddie Kingston) defeated The Bouncers (w/ The Pope) to retain

Drake started the match with Milonas and had to hit him hard to even rock him. Drake tried for a slam, but he couldn’t lift him. Drake hit a flying shoulderblock, but Milonas stayed standing. Milonas hit a shoulder tackle and dropped Drake. Beer City Bruiser tagged in, but Drake was able to fight out of the corner and tag out to Storm.

Storm ended up being distracted by Pope, allowing Bruiser to hit a fireman’s carry slam, and Milonas came in and crushed Storm. Kingston never stopped looking at Pope the entire match, giving him the look of death. Bruiser bit Storm, leading to an incredible line by Galli: “The Beer City Bruiser digging in with his two good incisors.”

They got the heat on on Storm for a bit and as the ref was out of position to make a three count, Pope threw his glasses into the ring. (The ref ignored him.) Drake hit a clothesline on Bruiser from the apron and then tagged in and ran wild, hitting a dropkick on Bruiser and knocking Milonas to the floor.

Drake backdropped Storm onto both men over the top rope. Storm threw Bruiser into the ring, but the BCB was able to fight back, throwing Storm into a black hole slam for two. They went for the Blackout, but Storm hit a sunset flip powerbomb on Milonas off the top rope.

Storm and Drake bodyslammed Milonas together, and Storm hit the Last Call on Bruiser followed by Drake hitting him with an elbow drop for the three count. Kingston got right in the ring and challenged Pope to a fight, but Pope walked way as the show went off the air.

This was an excellent episode of NWA Power with a good main event tag match and a lot of really good angles that advanced all the current storylines as the build to the Crockett Cup is in full swing.