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NWA Power Surge results: Mims vs. BLK Jeez

NWA Power Surge: Mims vs. BLK Jeez

Colby Corino defeated Marche Rockett

Not a bad opening match here with Corino looking good. I really enjoyed it as it was a simple story with the smaller man being the heel, but it actually worked really well.

Tim Storm called technical ability “technology” at the start and I laughed. Rockett was significantly bigger than Corino which played into the overall story of this match as he threw him all over the ring with ease.

Rockett's knee was in trouble early. Corino hit a chop block and immediately went for a submission, looking to chop down the bigger man. Rockett went for a side kick, but Corino ducked under, rolled him up, and yanked the tights to get the win.

-- Jax Dane was with Gary Horne for an online interview. Dane talked about the slapfight with Crimson on the last episode of Power. Dane blamed everything on Crimson regarding their issues, saying that Crimson was not there when he needed him. Even though he couldn’t blame Crimson for anything, he had to do what was best for himself and for his career.

Dane also talked about wanting to challenge Trevor Murdoch for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Dane claimed that Murdoch called him out a few weeks ago in a promo because he mentioned the “biggest and the baddest in the back" which was referring to him. He promised that he was coming for Murdoch and the title. This was really good.

-- Women's Champion Kamille was with Joe Galli and they were talking about her attack on Melina last week on Power. Kamille claimed she didn’t see Melina as a threat, but she attacked her anyway because she was trash talking and she had enough.

Skye Blue defeated Thunderkitty & Tootie Lynn

This was a quick, but quite entertaining little match. Blue and Lynn have good chemistry and I’d love to see them get a good singles match.

Thunderkitty used her 100 years of experience to keep up with Lynn and Blue. Lynn countered her in the corner and hit some kicks before Blue snuck up from behind and rolled Lynn up for a two count, but Thunderkitty broke it up.

Blue threw Thunderkitty from the ring and Lynn and Blue exchanged strike attempts before kicking each other and collapsing at the same time. Thunderkitty threw Lynn from the ring, but Blue rolled her up and scored the pinfall out of nowhere.

-- Murdoch was with Horne and they talked about how Nick Aldis was willing to respect Murdoch as Aldis admitted that Murdoch was the better man right now. Murdoch then moved to talking about all the potential challengers he had including Pope. He talked about the slapfight with Crimson and Dane, saying he enjoys watching a good fight, but he ended up face-to-face with Dane. Murdoch put over all his potential challengers and that he was going to give it his all no matter who he faced. This was also great.

Mims defeated BLK Jeez

This match never really got going the way it should have as both men seemed like they couldn’t get on the same page. It was merely fine.

There was a bit of a miscommunication as Mims went for a go over and Jeez went for a dropkick. I think he legitimately ended up kicking Mims low. Mims hit a back elbow and then, there was a botched monkey flip. Mims slammed Jeez and got a two count. Mims kept control with his size, but they never seemed to get completely on the same page before Mims hit the Hookup for the pinfall.

Final Thoughts:

This was a really easy to watch show with some decent wrestling, and some really good promos from Dane and Murdoch. This was a filler episode before the return of NWA Power next week.