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ROH sets new ratings record for Wednesday night, TNA ratings

Ring of Honor set its all-time record last night on Destination America, doing 227,000 viewers at 11 p.m.  This blows away the previous time slot record for the promotion of 175,000 set on the 10/7 show.

TNA last night did 266,000 viewers for the 9 p.m. show, and another 98,000 viewers for the replay.  The first showing was the third lowest for the show's first-run, but the replay was up from usual levels, probably because the ROH show gave them a far stronger lead-in than usual.

The ratings for Destination America are even more important now because both groups deals are coming due, with ROH's deal up in early December. With new people in charge of the network, the long-term status of wrestling on the station is currently under evaluation.