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Shimmer 71 3-29-15 results: The Chickfight Tournament

Submitted By Craig Russell

From San Jose, CA: 

Chickfight Tournament 1st Round -- 

  • Evie beats Portia Perez via TTYL when interference from Nicole Matthews backfired and Portia hits Nicole by mistake.
  • Nicole Savoy bears Candace LaRae (and Candace has a busted nose) via Tiger Suplex.
  • Nikki Storm beats Cherry Bomb via Fisherman Neckbreaker.
  • Kay Lee Ray beats Kimber Lee via Crucifix Pin.
  • Mia Yim beats Athena via 450 Splash. Very good match.
  • Cheerleader Melissa beats Jessica Havok by Pinfall via feet on the ropes

Chickfight Tournament 2nd round -- 

  • Evie beats Nicole Savoy via Top Rope Double Foot Stomp.
  • Kay Lee Ray beats Nikki Storm via Swanton Bomb.
  • Cheerleader Melissa beats Mia Yim via DQ when Havok runs in and attacks Melissa after Melissa causes a ref bump.

Shimmer Championship Title Match -- 

Nicole Matthews over Tomoka Nakagawa via Vancouver Maneuver (and with the help of Portia Perez and a steel chair). Tomoka had two visual pinfall wins but Portia dsitracted the ref both times

Chickfight Tournament Final Round:

Kay Lee Ray beats Evie and Cheerleader Melissa to win the Chickfight Tournament. Jessica Havok distracts Melissa which allows Evie and Kay Lee Ray to hit a Running Corner Kick and Swanton Bomb respectfully on Melissa. Kay Lee Ray and Evie then double pin Melissa. Kay Lee Ray then pins Evie via Swanton Bomb.