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SHINE 33 iPPV results: Taylor Made vs. Kimber Lee; next title match made


Submitted by Craig Russell | The Orpheum, Ybor City, FLA

Maria Maria over at Kennadi Brinks

Maria won via a bridging roll up.

Barbie Hayden over Leah Vaughan

Spear on the apron on Vaughan by Hayden then a pin by Hayden with her feet on the ropes.

Andrea w/ April Hunter over Tracy Taylor

Andrea hit her running death valley driver after Hunter distracted Taylor.

Luscious Latasha over Mia Yim via countout

End came when Leva Bates' masked "groupies" came out and made Mia run to the back. Mia completely trolled "Blue Pants" Bates the entire time from wearing blue pants to using Leva's moveset and mocking Leva's thumbs up gesture.

NWA Women's Champion Amber Gallows over Thunderkitty

Gallows won with a bridging backslide pin after Malia Hosaka hits Thunderkitty with a steel chair while the ref was distracted. Hosaka continued to attack Thunderkitty after the match.

Crazy Mary Dobson over Su Yung w/ April Hunter

Allysin Kay distracted Yung and Hunter at ringside by taking away Yung's kendo stick. Dobson pinned Yung after coming over the top rope (some kind of suplex or a split legged moonsault perhaps, the camera man did not catch it cleanly).

SHINE Tag Team Champions Better Than You (Jamye Jameson and Marti Belle) w/ April Hunter beat Ivelisse and Amanda Rodriguez w/ La Rosa Negra

Champs retained when Hunter attacked Negra, Ivelisse got distracted, and Better Than You hit a combination spinning side slam and splash on Amanda Rodriguez for the pin.

Jessica Havok vs Vanessa Kraven - Double DQ

Both ladies were DQ after they killed refs three times and then had a pull apart brawl afterward.

SHINE Champion Taylor Made over Kimber Lee

End came when Lee tried to hit her finisher but Taylor hits/chops Lee in the throat and then hit an Ace Crusher for the clean pin.

After the match, Valkyrie ganged up on Kimber Lee; Ivelisse, Amanda Rodriguez, and La Rosa Negra made the save. Ivelisse announces that she gets the next title shot against Taylor Made at Mercury Rising in Dallas on Wrestlemania Weekend.