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UR Fight live results & main card: Rey Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle; Chael Sonnen vs. Michael Bisping

The explosion of streaming content has given any combat sports promoter with a little bit of money to burn and a willingness to take a gamble the ability to put something together in the hopes a portion of masses are willing to plunk down some cash to see what they have to offer.

Sunday night gives us the latest attempt at just that as URShow.tv puts on their first URFight, a four-fight iPPV show featuring pro wrestling, MMA, grappling, and boxing. The main card has already undergone some changes as Dan Severn vs. Tank Abbott had to be scrapped due to Abbott failing a physical just a few days ago. (I know...you're shocked). Originally, Ken Shamrock was to face Severn but due to his recent banned substance issues with Texas, he was ineligible to fight. 

You can hear Chael Sonnen and Michael Bisping discuss their involvement here


Jim Ross, Sean Wheelock, and Rampage Jackson make up our commentary team tonight and WWE alum Justin Roberts is our ring announcer. Thus far, the graphics are all good too, so there's at least some polish. Action takes place in a traditional ring with three ropes which makes sense considering what we have going on. It does look a bit ragged, but I doubt it can be any worse that than Shine MMA ring from several years ago.

We see some weigh-in footage from Harvey and Ritch (we're told they have legitimate heat) and Sonnen and Bisping. Sonnen wore jeans to the weigh-ins. Rampage says that Bisping changed his name from "The Count" to "The C*nt". Ok then.

I should note there are A LOT of empty seats.

We start first with what, on paper, is an MMA fight.

Shannon Ritch (54-79-0-4) def. Mavrick Harvey (8-5-0-1)
Light Heavyweight...I think

​I had never heard of Harvey before Saturday and research shows he hasn't fought professionally since 2007 when he lost three fights in a row. He rematches the 45-year-old Ritch who brings a 53-79 record into this one. Yes, you read that correctly. This is his first fight of 2016 and he's looking to improve on an 0-3 2015 in which he lost three times in the first round, including once to SHONIE CARTER. Enough said. This will be terrible.

Harvey is well-tatooed including a Mike Tyson-esque job on his face. He comes into here at 189 pounds, while I think Ritch was near 200 (Roberts didn't say). We're told Ritch is a six-time MMA world champion. These two have fought twice before. 

R1: Action is ugly early made worse by the two nearly falling between the ropes. PRIDE this isn't. Harvey was throwing punches at Ritch as he was nearly upside down and pulled him back in by the trunks as the ref was attempting to pull him off. As they get back in, Harvey is yelling at someone at ringside while Rampage laughs uproariously. Ritch goes to the ground and is looking for a rear naked choke. He eventually gets under the neck and gets the tap at 3:10 of the round. 

Yep, that was bad. Wheelock says these two are pioneers in MMA and that's a quality win for Ritch. What?!? We get post-fight promos from both guys with nothing of consequence said.

Ross asks Wheelock what is next for two guys like this. Wheelock says people want to see Harvey fight again and that it's amazing Ritch has never been to a third round. I respect Sean, but he is spewing some bullshit tonight.

- We get a pre-taped interview with Bisping, Sonnen, and Wheelock, and then see Rey Mysterio backstage using a foam roller to stretch out.

Sonnen vs. Bisping

Chael Sonnen and Michael Bisping went to a draw in a grappling match
Open weight, 3 five-minute rounds 

Sonnen comes into this with a big advantage, but Bisping is riding a high after recently dispatching Anderson Silva inside the Octagon. This one is three five minute rounds and a submission ends it. If no subs happen, it's a draw. There's no ill will here -- just two guys competing. 

Sonnen is already in the ring suddenly and after Roberts introduces him, his entrance music plays. Alright. Bisping comes out to his usual Song 2, and is all smiles because of the paycheck he's getting from this. Sonnen is going shirtless with compression shorts and weighed in at 231. Bisping is at 212, and is wearing a tank top for some reason.

Rampage is making it clear that he doesn't like Bisping at all. Originally, it was supposed to be Rampage vs. Sonnen in this spot, but Bellator/Viacom got in the way.

R1: Lots of collar/elbow tie-ups early on. Sonnen looks a lot bigger than Bisping and appears to be toying with Bisping and drawing this out a bit. He's a showman. Bisping closes out the round by driving Sonnen into the corner and is trying to kick out Sonnen's legs, driving his head into Sonnen's chin. There's no scoring which is great because I don't know how I'd score that.

R2: Sonnen tries to shoot for a double and Bisping gets caught up in the ropes. Considering Sonnen's experience, I'm not sure what he's waiting for here. Bisping is fist pumping and playing to the crowd which gives you an indication of the action level here. Bisping is doing dances in there trying to engage Sonnen to come after him. Bisping rolls for a heel hook out of a scissor takedown in the round's closing seconds -- our first real submission attempt.

R3: JR says that he thinks Sonnen has been enjoying the food at ESPN, and that he was going to use his weight advantage a bit more. His offense is in quicksand. Bisping goes for another scissor takedown and Sonnen ends up in Bisping's guard with less than a minute to go. Bisping is going for a triangle, Sonnen goes for a leg lock, Bisping kicks Sonnen back to standing, and we're done. That was dull to say the least.

For Bisping, this feels like such a step down from that amazing moment in England last month, doesn't it? In his post-fight promo, Bisping apologizes for the lack of action. He is also asked to do a promo for URFight and URShow which is kind of awkward. Sonnen says Bisping is a top contender and that we all need to get behind him. He's asked if he wants to fight again, but says that he's not fighting again. He did say that URShow is setting PPV and Internet records.

As we go to prelim action from earlier, they didn't kill the announcer's mics and you could hear Wheelock says the grappling match "was awful". Well, at least he's being honest.

Brendan Tierney vs. Kobe Ortiz

We have a different ring announcer than Roberts which is odd. Tierney's nickname is "Tiny Shorts" and he's also wearing UFC gloves. Our ring announcer demands that we cheer for these guys before the fight even starts, prompting Ross to say that he gets paid by the word. 

R1:  Action went under the ropes several times which was confusing considering what we saw in PRIDE. Wheelock does a good job explaining that tonight's ref has a more liberal view than PRIDE and what he's looking for. Lots of ground work from Ortiz who is having his way with Tierney...who is not very good. 10-9 Ortiz

R2: I understand wanting to try to pack in more content into these shows, but this is just bad filler. Both guys are exhausted, Tierney is showing nothing, and Ortiz isn't good enough to get him out of there. 10-8 Ortiz.

R3: The fight mercifully ends early in the third round as Ortiz kicks out Tierney's leg and lays in some bad ground and pound to Tierney's back and shoulders for the win. Wheelock says it's the best he's ever seen Ortiz look. I can honestly say I don't need to see these guys fight anywhere ever again.

Jenn Sterger interviews Rey Mysterio about this being the first time they've faced each other in 10 years. He wants to make tonight historical. Sterger asks Mysterio about the mask he's wearing that's designed by a fan. He corrects her as the fan is actually wearing the mask and is walking out wearing it tonight. 

We then get a performance by RIFF RAFF, aka the Peach Panther. He is flanked by two women in pink one-piece bikinis who aren't doing anything but just standing there. Shouldn't they be dancing...or doing something? Mr. Raff is basically choosing when to rap and when not to rap over his tracks as there are some mic feedback issues. There's also a security guard in the ring for some reason. 

I'd rather rewatch that entire previous fight than have to sit through this performance. It's horrendous. As Raff (1.1 million followers, btw) exits and Angle's music begins, Ross delivers the line of the night: "I don't know if people are cheering for Kurt Angle's entrance or Riff Raff's exit." Wheelock also acknowledges that his mic was on earlier when it shouldn't have been.

Rey vs. Kurt

Rey Mysterio def. Kurt Angle in a 2/3 falls match

​This is a pretty straightforward pro wrestling match. So much for Angle's retirement, eh? Both guys are making a nice payday for this one, so my only hope is that it's good. Given their history, I think it should be but Father Time can be a real son of a bitch.

There wasn't much fanfare to Angle coming out which was odd. Mysterio came out with the aforementioned fan and wearing a Lucha Underground t-shirt. Roberts did the main event-style intros which was a nice touch. Brian Hebner is our referee.

Fall 1: Fans are into this from the get-go which was fun. Jackson asks Ross why the referee checked both guys before the match. Lots of mat work early and Angle begins to get heated after he gets sent to the outside. Angle gets control and hits a belly-to-belly suplex on Mysterio which gets a big pop. Mysterio missed a flying bodypress off the top and Angle hit the Angle Slam for the pin and first fall.

Fall 2: This one came quickly as Angle went after Mysterio quickly and paid for it. After a minute or so of action, Angle missed the Angle Slam and fell into the second rope, leading to the 619 and splash off the top for the pin and second fall.

Fall 3: Fast-paced action kicked off our third and deciding fall. Angle went for the ankle lock, but Mysterio evaded and got a near fall of his own. Mysterio missed a splash into the corner and Angle hit another Angle Slam, but Mysterio kicked out at 2. This match is already the best on this show by far even with lots of rest holds from Angle. Mysterio flying headscissors led to another 619 and top rope splash, but Angle kicked out at 2. Angle went for the Three Amigos but Rey evaded it.

Hebner got knocked down and Angle missed two Angle Slams. As Mysterio was rolling, Angle went low. Angle went to the outside for a chair causing Rampage to say "That mother f**ker!" and out comes Riff Raff to stop him. The finish got botched as Mysterio was supposed to kick Angle into the ropes for the 619 finish but Angle just kind of stood there. They went back to it and Mysterio hit the 619 and top rope splash for the pin. 

Big surprise: this match was fun until Riff Raff got involved. Ugh.


Roy Jones Jr. def. Vyron Phillips via 2nd round TKO
6 rounds

​So this isn't exactly the RJJ vs. "a fan" for $100k that had been originally discussed, but the 33-year-old Philllips is a pro MMA fighter and amateur boxer that the state commission would sign off on. RJJ is also 47 years old, so there's at least somewhat of a chance Phillips could pull something off. 

Like many of you, I remember RJJ from a decade+ ago when he was fighting in major bouts with major paydays. Do you ever think he thought it would come to this?

R1: Phillips was aggressive, taking it to RJJ against the ropes but not hitting anything clean. RJJ hit a clean step-in right hand at the end of the round that hurt Phillips for the best shot of the fight so far. 10-9 RJJ...I think. I'm terrible at scoring boxing.

R2: Action intensified in the second. Phillips was hitting RJJ's gloves with shots while RJJ was finding Phillips' body. Then RJJ hit a hard right hook that dropped Phillips badly. The ref started a count, but this was clearly over. Good stoppage.

RJJ said he'd do this again if people were into seeing it again. He actually admitted he's at the end of his boxing career which was refreshing to hear.


Overall, this was exactly what we expected: somewhat fun, somewhat of a trainwreck, somewhat of a charade. Was it worth $11? I had fun for two hours, so I guess so. If they do another one, I hope they try more pro wrestling as opposed to bad MMA but we'll see.

Thanks for checking out the live coverage.