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WWE Superstars results: Neville's full beard; Swagger & Titus get the crowd excited

Titus O'Neil v Jack Swagger

The Big Takeaways: Neville looked fantastic in a quick opener against Curtis Axel while Jack Swagger and Titus O’Neil really managed to get the crowd invested in a good main event.


Neville beat Curtis Axel (4:35)

Neville comes out sporting his new full beard, a look that really makes him look a lot better. It’s about time they did something with him, because he’s extremely talented. If you’ve never seen him on Table For 3 on the WWE Network, I recommend you watch as he comes across really well.

He and Axel trade arm rings until Neville moonsaults out of the way, lands on his feet and hip tosses Axel. Neville works over the left arm, but Axel pulls the hair to break the hold. Neville flips across the ring and Axel runs into a kick. Neville is about to do something off the second rope, but Axel rolls outside.

Neville is thrown face first into the apron and rolled back into the ring only to get nailed with a dropkick. This is easily Axel’s best move. Axel works over Neville, slapping him around with arrogance but eventually runs into a forearm. After a sequence of kicks, Neville hits an enzugiri and goes up to the second rope.

Axel whimps out of the threat of a dropkick, so Neville gets down, hits him again, and finishes him with the Red Arrow for the win.

Titus O’Neil beat Jack Swagger (9:33)

Swagger takes O’Neil down on the bell and his him in a waistlock. The ref breaks them at the ropes and then O’Neil takes over with open hand chops. A random girl in the crowd shouts out, “I love you Titus” to which Titus replies, “I’m the damn people!”

Swagger comes off the whip and shoulder barges O’Neil to the floor. Swagger is quick to try for a Boston Crab, but Titus gets to the ropes and takes a time out as we head to a break.

Swagger is in control as we return. O’Neil plays possum and sends Swagger out of the ring, hits him with a big boot, and then mocks the ‘We the people’ chant. Back in the ring, Swagger kicks out the cover at one as O’Neil goads and mocks Swagger, saying, “Who the people now, huh?” The crowd really gets behind Swagger now as O’Neil slows things down with a rest hold pulling Swagger’s hair.

O’Neil is seriously strong, making body slamming Swagger look really easy. Swagger sells his ribs while O’Neil starts patting himself on the back. He’s full of chatter, too, mouthing off to the crowd at any opportunity. He runs into trouble and then Swagger hits a series of running clotheslines followed by the Swagger Bomb. O’Neil powers out at two, and the crowd gets really into things.

Swagger looks for the Patriot Lock but O’Neil gets out. Swagger tries a roll up for two only to run into the Clash of the Titus out of nowhere for the win.