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WON Preview (April 15, 2019): WrestleMania 35 weekend review

April 15, 2019 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: WrestleMania 35 weekend review

When it comes to news, the biggest issue of the year is out, covering WrestleMania, all the behind-the-scenes stuff at WrestleMania, Hall of Fame, NXT and Supercard of Honor, as well as the top indie shows. This issue has more backstage news than any issue of the year.

This issue leads off with coverage of WrestleMania, with the main event finish, what was supposed to happen, who got the blame, why it was brought up on the broadcast, the future of Ronda Rousey and Brock Lesnar in WWE, this past week's injury report including three major names, the quality of Mania, the draft, plus match-by-match coverage with star ratings and poll results. Also look at the last minute changes to the show and the Hulk Hogan story.

Next get the update with AEW television talk, what is and isn't accurate about what has come out, what the current plans are and more.

Also look at the Supercard of Honor in Madison Square Garden. Look back to 1960 when the last time a non-McMahon card took place at the arena and who was on top. Look at the heavy hitter who was never allowed to book a show, the contracts for the show, the Enzo & Cass angle and who did and didn't know, the NJPW/ROH relationship the other debuts for ROH the how timing, the last time a non-WWE title happened in MSG and what New Japan has over the next month on its big shows.

Read match-by-match coverage with star ratings and poll results.

Look at the Takeover show with match-by-match coverage and star ratings.

Also look at the idiot who attacked Bret Hart at the Hall of Fame ceremony, what actually happened, comments from the Hart family, the firing of writer R.D. Evans and the comments after by HHH and the rest of DX making fun of it, plus the comments on AEW.

Also look at the mainstream appeal of the three big shows of the week and the differences in the audience.

Have a look behind the scenes on Brian James' situation with WWE, what happened with him in recent months, what is going on with Sasha Banks, new WWE television show starting on national TV soon and what problems it may have, more WWE signings, lots on the fallout of the John Oliver piece including unionizing wrestlers, costs on the road, people returning to WWE, WWE documentaries on A&E in 2021, XFL updates, WWE firing, more on the Bret Hart vs. Tom Magee match, WWE fan focus group for WrestleMania and what was talked about.

This issue has full details of AAA and its debut in Madison Square Garden. Look at the press conference, the goals, and the story behind the business idea of why it will work. Also look at the AAA relationship with Cain Velasquez.

Also look at the WrestleCon super show, one of the biggest indie events of the year, with appearances by Ric Flair, Animal, Will Ospreay, Bandido, SCU, Jushin Liger, X-Pac and Dragon Lee. Look at the unique matches and mixes of talent and what the audience liked, and what were the most polarizing things on the show.

Also run down the ratings of all the major TV shows, along with detailed demo info for the WWE shows.

As always, read the results of all the major pro wrestling events around the world over the past week. 

Also in this issue:

  • Another international promotion gets a U.S. weekly television time slot
  • CMLL loses one of its most famous personalities
  • The near real brawl in a ring between a referee and main event babyface
  • Coverage of this past week's major Arena Mexico show
  • A look at CMLL's parejas increibles tournament
  • TV ratings in Mexico in detail including peak ratings for Rey de Reyes
  • A look at how the TV viewers for AAA and WWE differ
  • A look at how moving stations helped AAA
  • This week's AAA TV tapings and where things are going for the next few tapings
  • Dragon Gate setting up some big matches
  • Coverage of the first week of the Champion Carnival tournament in All Japan
  • First week Global tag team tournament notes
  • What New Japan never does and is doing now
  • Update on New Japan injuries
  • Bullet Club block party
  • Retirement of amazing Red
  • Coverage of the major indie shows over Mania week like Bloodsport Evolve, RevPro, wXw and others
  • What matches were people talking about as the best
  • Al Snow's new concept for OVW and what looks to make it unique
  • More on the Viceland documentaries
  • Dream match of UFC superstaer vs. Olympic gold medalist at Beat the Streets
  • Update on Dave Bautista
  • MLW new televison deal and what it means
  • Notes from MLW's shows this past week
  • ROH cards for this week and Crockett Cup news
  • Impact new TV deal
  • What happened with Eli Drake
  • A look at the AEW announcing team
  • Update on the Jericho cruise
  • Update on Kenny Omega's show in Daytona Beach
  • New signing from Japan by AEW
  • A look at UFC's business
  • Why UFC business didn't grow in 2018
  • More on the Conor McGregor vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov feud
  • All kinds of out of the ring issues with McGregor
  • More on UFC wanting Lesnar vs. Cormier
  • More on the suspension of T.J. Dillashaw
  • B.J. Penn's former girlfriend gets TRO against him
  • UFC star retires
  • A look at this week's UFC PPV show
  • Changes in several April UFC main events and lots of new fights
  • UFC nominated for a sports Emmy
  • Bellator's next Madison Square Garden show
  • Combate Amercias gets clebrity shareholder
  • Rizin's next show
  • PFL on ESPN's platforms in May and June

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