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WON Preview (April 16, 2018): Historic Wrestlemania 34 weekend reviewed, more

April 16, 2018 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Historic Wrestlemania 34 weekend reviewed, more

One of the biggest issues of the year, covering WrestleMania week as well as everything that went down with Conor McGregor and UFC 223, is now out.

This issue contains complete coverage of WrestleMania, NXT Takeover, ROH Supercard of Honor and UFC 223, with match-by-match coverage, poll results and star ratings.

Look at WWE's future direction after WrestleMania, exactly how everything went down with the decision to change the finish and have Brock Lesnar win and the current Lesnar contract, his UFC talks and more. Look at why this will be going down the same way very shortly.

Have a look at who did and didn't know about Reigns losing, what the script said, what and when the referee was told, what happened backstage after the match, why Lesnar gets special privileges and what happens next with the title.

Read why Cena vs. Undertaker went down the way they did, the return of Chris Jericho, update on Rey Mysterio's contract, and what is next for the Greatest Royal Rumble and Backlash shows.

Check out the WWE Network numbers and what we can learn from them, and WWE's business projections for the year and for the next quarter. Find out the viewing patterns on the network and how much it was up per person and what that means, plus an update on network plans.

Read about the live business in New Orleans and what it really was the last time compared to what was announced.

This issue has full details on what happened with Conor McGregor, as well as all the different things that went into Khabib Nurmagomedov facing Al Iaquinta. Look at Floyd Mayweather in MMA, what is next for McGregor, what happened with McGregor that hasn't gotten out yet, and the story behind the New York not calling it a title match.

Check out the coverage of Impact vs. Lucha Underground, Progress, Revolution Pro, House of Hardcore, Evolve, the Super Shows and all the major activities in New Orleans over WrestleMania week.

Read more on the death of Johnny Valiant, the end, at least for now, of Being the Elite, why WWE is back in the U.K. game and where the ITV project stands.

Learn more about the stroke suffered by Jerry Lawler, a bid for WrestleMania in a few years, how John Cena's latest movie project is doing, Paul Heyman’s talk show, WWE merchandise sales, a potential Hall of Famer for 2019, Mae Young Classic II, WWE reaches footage deal with Impact, new network shows, updates on the next season of Total Divas and what was filmed this past week, a pitch for Bray Wyatt, current WWE value, and the most-watched shows on the WWE Network.

This issue has tons more on Andre the Giant, including the ratings for the documentary, his famous 1971 tournament, his height, his estate, how he really got the name, the rules for booking Andre, why Andre vs. Bruno Sammartino never happened, the myths of Andre, what was and wasn't real about the Hogan piece of paper, Andre in other sports and where the Hogan/Rocky scene came from.

Have a look at 2017 rookie of the year Katsuya Kitamura and why he's not around.

As always, this issue contains the weekly coverage of all the ratings of the major shows, detailed notes on who is watching all the WWE shows, results from the major league events held around the world, the major TV show rundown, and the results of all the major pro wrestling events over the past week. 

Also in this issue:

  • Notes from Arena Mexico this past week
  • Tournament for newcomers
  • Vampiro talks retirement every week
  • Build to Dragon Gate Dead of Alive show
  • Champion Carnival update
  • NOAH Global League tag team tournament update
  • This week's New Japan World shows
  • Antonio Inoki announces unique new pro wrestling and MMA event
  • Sale of OVW
  • Promotion shuts down
  • Will Wale wrestle
  • Lots of things that happened over WrestleMania week
  • People leaving Lucha Underground
  • More on the All In show
  • More on ROH War of the Worlds
  • This week's ROH shows
  • Lots of UFC TV talk
  • New UFC matches
  • Josh Barnett sues supplement company
  • Paige VanZant talks being raped in high school
  • This week's UFC show
  • Can you still get a TUE for testosterone in UFC or WWE
  • Notes from this past week's Bellator show
  • Next week's Bellator show

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