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WON Preview (April 19, 2021): WrestleMania 37 review, WWE releases

April 19, 2021 Observer Newsletter: WrestleMania 37 review, WWE releases

Our annual WrestleMania issue of the Observer is out this week with full coverage of pro wrestling's biggest event.

We go through all he news of the show, including the booking, the title changes, the finishes, the direction, what did and didn't work, the difference between the two nights, after four examples how does two shows work vs one, the big money WrestleMania main events, the returns, the celebrities and business notes on the show.  We also look at next year.

We also have match-by-match coverage with star ratings and poll results from both nights of WrestleMania and both nights of Takeover, to see how people saw all four of the WWE's big events.

We also go in-depth with the Stone Cold Broken Skull Sessions with Chris Jericho. We talk about the stories told, Jericho's career, what they did talk about and what was avoided, how this went against usual McMahon policy and why we probably won't be seeing another show like this very soon.  We look at what was said about AEW, New Japan, WWE, some of Jericho's frustrations with WWE that he talked about, the formation of AEW and much more.

We also look at the sale of FITE TV to Triller and why it happened this week.

We also look at Anthem Entertainment's purchase of Invicta, plans for Invicta on AXS, and a sale that was talked about for Invicta that didn't happen.

WWE go in depth on the WWE cuts, person by person, their strengths and weaknesses and where they would fit in.

We also look at WWE international plans, hiring of Adnan Vink as an announcer, new members of the WWE Board of Directors, how much WWE's top executives earned in 2020 and where it came from, Edge and Paul Heyman building Mania, changes in WWE announcing, WWE International numbers and where Raw & Smackdown rank with sports shows of the past week. We also look at WWE's most-watched streaming clips and a star about to return, as well as the current market value of WWE.

We've got full coverage of Saturday's UFC show, comments on the winning fighters and upcoming booking, along with business notes on the show.

We also have a feature on John Da Silva, who was the biggest babyface and a national hero in New Zealand in the 70s.  We talk about his background in boxing and wrestling, the family sports background, his wrestling in Europe, Canada and India and his glory period as the guy the top foreigners came to New Zealand to do business with.

We talk more about Ethel Johnson and sister Babs Wingo, who integrated women's pro wrestling in the Billy Wolfe stable in 1951.  

We also have the most in-depth coverage of the television end. We go more into detail on the ratings than any other source, we have how every segment on NXT and AEW did as well as how it did with different age groups, genders and more, plus a look at all other wrestling shows of the past week.

We also have results of the major pro wrestling events of the past week.

Also in this issue:

--Why Bandido is out of CMLL

--CMLL's next PPV show

--One of the oldest title matches in history

--Why AAA's TV tapings last week were canceled

--Upcoming major Dragon Gate matches

--All Japan Champion Carnival coverage

--Stips for KOPW title match

--New Japan Cup USA notes

--New Japan arena events for the week

--Stardom  Cinderella tournament

--Merger that could have a major effect on pro wrestling

--New TV series starring a pro wrestler playing his character

--Non-WWE show notes from WrestleMania week

--Barnett vs. Moxley thoughts

--Former top worker returns after a long layoff

--Some major celebrities involved with pro wrestling historically

--The time Prince Phillip attended pro wrestling

--New TV deal inked

--More notes on the next Impact PPV show

--Hardcore Justice notes

--Ticket sale update for next AEW show

--How AEW will have to change once they start touring

--Why AEW tapes so much

--Notes on Konosuke Takeshita coming to AEW

--Young Bucks talk how they design their storylines

--Full coverage of AEW house show last week

--AEW international TV numbers

--Notable background of people on AEW Dark

--AEW streaming numbers

--More on McGregor vs. Poirier and their problems

--Contract talks with ESPN and Ariel Helwani

--New UFC title matches

--This week's UFC show

--UFC referee won't be doing shows until pandemic ends and was demoted from his real job

--New Bellator title matches

--This week's Bellator show

--What former UFC star is Oscar de la Hoya looking at fighting

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