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WON Preview: December 4, 2017: AJ Styles, Minoru Suzuki and more enter the Hall of Fame

December 4, 2017 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: AJ Styles, Minoru Suzuki and more enter the Hall of Fame

What is usually the most talked about issue of the year, the Hall of Fame double issue is out with biographies of the five new entrants, why they were so important historically, as well as a breakdown of the voting in not just total votes, but broken down among those in the industry, reporters and historians.

Among the stories covered include the birth of major league pro wrestling in Japan and how it got so big so quickly including the booking behind it, the heyday of pro wrestling in Australia, as well as both the East and West Coast scene in the 60s and 70s. Plus, look at next year's ballot.

This issue contains a feature on the history of Starrcade, how it started, its successes and failures over the years, including how Starrcade led to the growth of Crockett Promotions as well as the ending of the company. Look at the role Vince McMahon played in the killing of Crockett Promotions, the transition to Turner Broadcasting, the decisions that killed Starrcade as a major event, the rebirth of Starrcade, the Hogan vs. Sting and Goldberg vs. Nash matches and the tradition of Thanksgiving in Greensboro.

Read the full coverage of what led to the first Starrcade, what famous Starrcade matches were never supposed to happen, how tragedies and backstage brawls changed plans, how Starrcade led to the departure of Dusty Rhodes as booker of WCW and the role of Ric Flair.

There is also a feature on the career of Jim Cornette as a manger, including how he got into wrestling, how dominant he was as the best manager in his heyday, his biggest successes, the high point of Mid South Wrestling and Crockett Promotions, the economics of why SMW didn't work and how wrestling changed in the 90s and why it is so different today, and why the reality is that ECW, SMW and JCP all went down for the same reason. 

Also in this issue:

  • What happened at Arena Mexico on Friday that may hurt attendance
  • A look at plans for the Christmas special show at Arena Mexico
  • A look at this past weeks' family feud show
  • What are the big angles being pushed
  • A look at this week with WWE, CMLL and Elite all running the same city
  • Lucha Underground star quits AAA to move to Europe
  • Dragon Gate announces a big show in 2018
  • Update on the All Japan tag team tournament
  • A look at the career of the Great Kabuki
  • Who was the original Great Kabooki
  • A look at this year's multi-promotional Differ Cup
  • Tanahashi talks the future of New Japan
  • Added live shows on New Japan World this month
  • Update on the New Japan tag team tournament
  • Nostalgia show coming in a few weeks
  • DDT tournament news
  • WrestleCade coverage
  • Sekimoto comes to the U.S. and matches being talked about for him
  • Upcoming Evolve shows
  • New group in Australia looking at bringing in top U.S. stars
  • NorCal Hall of Fame
  • One of the most infamous pro wrestlers in history to make first U.S. wrestling appearance in decades
  • Emma on the indies
  • A major promotion that shut down, returns this week
  • A city honoring a Hall of Fame wrestler who came from their city
  • Notes on companies that are closing
  • More on the Young Bucks & Cody's attempt to book a 10,000-seat building show
  • A look at the last time a non-WWE show in the U.S. did 10,000 people
  • Different arenas under consideration
  • Young Bucks merchandise sales
  • Notes on the next set of Impact tapings and plans for March
  • Story on UFC fighter going to jail for fight fixing, in a fight that he actually won
  • Dana White talks McGregor, GSP, Nate Diaz, C.M. Punk, and more
  • Update on McGregor in UFC and attempts to book him on a show
  • More on McGregor's outside the cage exploits
  • Talk of how much trouble McGregor may be in
  • New UFC PPV main event
  • This week's UFC shows
  • Lots of new UFC fights
  • Bracketing for Bellator tournament and favorites
  • Son of fighting legend signs with Bellator
  • Another weight-cutting death
  • Mirko Cro Cop talks his future
  • Lots more on the Rizin New Year's Eve show and the 12/29 show
  • Lucha Underground star being talked about within MMA
  • Former UFC star pleads guilty to domestic violence
  • Former NFL star now fighting in MMA

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WON BACK ISSUE: November 13, 2000 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: WWF not buying WCW, ECW November to Remember review

With the WCW crew enroute to Europe for a one-week tour, the questions about the future of the company remain. With little substantial information available, much of the talk going around consists of rumors, but it is clear the two possibilities remain--the company will either be purchased by a group headed by Eric Bischoff, or have its expenses cut to as much bare bones as possible and remain part of Turner Broadcasting.

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