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WON Preview: January 1, 2018 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: 2017 In Review

January 1, 2018 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: 2017 In Review

Our 2017 year in review issue of the Observer is up on the site, with full business coverage of the year as well as a breakdown of the biggest pro wrestling news stories of 2017, updating them with a lot of new information on them. There is a major feature on the history of New Japan Pro Wrestling at the Tokyo Dome, as well as an update on where John Cena at WrestleMania stands.

Have a look at the biggest crowds of the year, who has headlined the most major shows, where John Cena stands among the all-time biggest drawing cards as well as where other current WWE stars stand.

There is a PPV breakdown of the year, a breakdown of biggest live crowds and who drew the most, a look at the biggest gates of the year and an update on the ten biggest drawing cards in pro wrestling history.

Examine Vince McMahon's stock sale, thoughts on buying an NFL franchise or starting his own league and the stock price concerns.

In this issue, an update with the planned main event for WWE's PPV in March, update on Dean Ambrose, more WWE injury notes, T-shirt selling strong, Brock Lesnar's schedule, Daniel Bryan update, Ronda Rousey update, former member of WWE Board of Directors is the latest major executive having to step down, Angle talks Jordan angle, Gerald Brisco awarded, plans for March, Velveteen Dream update, what WWE is looking for in talent right now, and the most-watched shows on the WWE Network.

There is also a huge feature on the history of New Japan Pro Wrestling at the Tokyo Dome dating back to 1989. Look at why the first show took place, what legendary video game character came from the first show, why there were so few stadium shows before the Tokyo Dome opened, and a look at that first show. Check out the first main event and the move that came from another sport to pro wrestling that ended up as the finisher of one of the biggest stars ever years later. 

Also in this issue:

  • The big Christmas show at Arena Mexico fails to draw and why
  • A look at the weekly Friday night show and update on the Caristico vs. Volador Jr. headline feud including details of their big match
  • U.S. indie star debuts for Crash next month
  • A look at the incredible Kenou vs. Eddie Edwards and Minoru Tanaka vs. Daisuke Harada matches
  • The Omega vs. Okada marathon on AXS TV
  • Notes on the finals of the New Japan Young Lions tournament
  • One of Japan's biggest stars of the last decade accused of domestic violence
  • Weekly Fight gives their awards
  • DDT's last big show of 2017
  • What natural disaster shut down one of the oldest wrestling companies
  • More on the Flo Sports vs.; WWN lawsuit
  • Hulk Hogan files a lawsuit against Tampa DJ
  • What shows got the biggest response from Observer readers in 2017
  • Rey Mysterio Jr. in 2018
  • 80s star writes autobiography
  • NXT stars this past week at shows all over the world
  • More Australian wrestling history including the story of why the Australian wrestlers were held down by Jim Barnett
  • The story of Australia using a fake Destroyer
  • Former WWE woman star returns after four years
  • U.K. promotion closes down
  • ROH stars cutting back on indies
  • Preview of UFC's PPV this week
  • MMA star and WWE stars dominate social media
  • Dana White buries GSP
  • Lots of new UFC fights
  • Future of Chuck Liddell as a fighter
  • A look at the Rizin shows this week

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WON BACK ISSUE: December 11, 2000 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: ECW Massacre on 34th Street review, WWF Rebellion, more

Amidst rumors of the company being down for the count, Extreme Championship Wrestling put on a strong PPV show on 12/3, but more importantly, everyone was paid for one pay period (meaning everyone is now five weeks behind in pay). Nobody quit the promotion, which some had talked about doing if they weren't paid again. The morale, which rises and falls based on whether or not the checks come, was said to be better coming out of the show.