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WON Preview (January 14, 2018): All Elite Wrestling details, Tokyo Dome, more

January 14, 2018 Observer Newsletter: All Elite Wrestling details, Tokyo Dome, more

The most detailed coverage of All Elite Wrestling heads up the new issue of the Wrestling Observer. Take an extensive look at the promotion, from its beginnings, background on its owners, its front office structure, senior management, contracts with the top guys, different concessions, other stars being talked with, details behind the Chris Jericho signing, an update on Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi, more on proposed television deals, what the equal pay statement meant, plans for the first three shows, lots of TV talk, what popularity they do have and where they lack, the role of BTE, why wrestling on television is more valuable than during the Attitude era, BTE popularity, comparisons with TNA, money comparisons, notes on the OWE talent, television talent, media coverage, WWE negotiations with different people and the scorecard on the key free agents and who has signed where and who is leaning where.

Look at the New Japan WrestleKingdom show. Read about the top matches, changing of talent, MSG show, Bullet Club changes, business surrounding WrestleKingdom big shows of 2019 and early 2020 as well as full coverage of the Dome show with match-by-match coverage, star ratings and poll results.

Examine what is next for New Japan.

Read about the life of “mean” Gene Okerlund, his background before wrestling, his death and his wrestling career.

Look at the NXT UK Takeover show, update on several injured WWE stars, most watched WWE videos of 2018, new executive hire, injured wrestler may become an announcer, WWE market value, most-watched shows on the WWE Network and a look at WWE and NXT live events and business notes over the past two weeks.

Go in-depth on the Jon Jones situation covering the test results, how the story changed, what the experts said, what is misleading as well as the world of drug testing and PED usage.

This issue updates two of the top planned matches for WrestleMania, the Royal Rumble show and notes on ticket sales and secondary market for the Rumble. Also look at the Worlds Collide tournament and the Rumble card.

Read full coverage of all the WWE television shows from the past week.

Take in-depth looks at the ratings of all the major shows, the key demos for the WWE shows and what can be learned from them.

As usual, this issue has the results of all the major pro wrestling events around the world over the past week. 

Also in this issue:

  • CMLL does major business this past week including what bout drew 16,000 fans
  • Notes on what was said to be one of the best Arena Mexico shows in months
  • Why crowds should be down the next few weeks
  • Notes on the death of Alexis Smirnoff 
  • ROH's first 2019 shows
  • Notes on Impact's TV and distribution situation
  • A look at the next two weeks of Impact television
  • Notes on Being the Elite
  • UFC looking at a big show in March
  • UFC annual business notes
  • Why Brock Lesnar is still suspended from fighting
  • A look at the April to June UFC schedule
  • Plans for Fight Pass in 2019
  • Different promotions on Fight Pass
  • Lots of new UFC fights

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