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WON Preview: January 15, 2018: NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 12 review, plus tons of news

January 15, 2018 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 12 review, plus tons of news

It’s a double issue week, packed with more major news than any issue in a long time, including notes on the top two matches at WrestleMania, the Hall of Fame main eventer, updates on several major contract issues and a lot of notes on what will be the two biggest stories of the year, the UFC and WWE television negotiations.

There is extensive coverage of New Japan's Tokyo Dome show including all the business notes, how New Japan World is doing and the cycle of subscribers, the value of Jericho vs. Omega to New Japan, attendance notes, what was unique on the show, Jericho going forward in New Japan, all the angles going forward, what's next for Kenny Omega, what's next for Kazuchika Okada, questions on the booking, who were the most popular people on the show, long and short-term angles coming off New Year's Dash, and a look at New Japan's big shows through August. 

Look at the next eight live shows on New Japan World, plus full Tokyo Dome and New Year's Dash rundowns with match-by-match coverage with star ratings and poll results on the shows.

Updated plans for the Royal Rumble, including the makeup of the women's match, demand for tickets for Rumble and Mania week and a record to be set on the show.

Notes on WWE & UFC and how the changing landscape of television affects both companies as they go into their most important negotiations for many years, are in this issue.

There is a feature on John McCarthy stepping away from officiating, with a background of his start in UFC, his role in the growth and changes of the sport and his new role as an announcer.

Look at NJPW vs. WWE matches taking place in the U.K., as well as the story of the first and only time the WWF champion and IWGP champion wrestled each other at the Fukuoka Dome and the politics that allowed it to happen.

Read about WWE injuries, the Mixed Match Challenge, WWE Hall of Fame 2018, NXT Takeover notes, more on Miz's new TV show and the challenges it faces, Ronda Rousey, Bryan Danielson, the WWE Wellness policy, Dwayne Johnson's movie business, Cena's house show schedule, 25th anniversary Raw, WWE star quietly retires, most-watched shows on the WWE Network, as well as a look at every WWE and NXT live event over the past week with results, highlights and business notes.

Have a look at the biggest MMA stories of 2017, including Mayweather-McGregor, creation of new titles, GSP's return, the status of Jon Jones, the show that drew 58,000 fans, Matt Hughes and Demetrious Johnson.

There is more on the UFC PPV business, the war of words with Conor McGregor, Dana White and Steven Espinoza, the value of PPV in the U.S. vs. U.K., and how the public's buying habits when it comes to PPV have changed since 2005, plus notes on Dana White trying to expand into boxing promotion.

Find out how the viewing habits for watching Raw have changed over the last five years, looking at the decline in viewership as well as the difference in how long viewers watch the show and what they are watching.

As always, there is weekly coverage of all the ratings of the major shows, detailed notes on who is watching all the WWE shows, results from the major league events held around the world, and the major TV show rundowns, and the results of all the major pro wrestling events around the world over the past week. 

Also in this issue:

  • Update on the injury to Negro Casas
  • Notes on the Three Kings Day show at Arena Mexico
  • A lesson from Nick Bockwinkel about good work vs. spot on the card
  • Notes from CMLL while the top talent is in Japan
  • Return of one of the greatest legends in Mexican history on a quiet Tuesday night
  • Major promotion world champion publicly says he's not coming to the company's next big show even though advertised for a title defense
  • AAA big show plans for 2018
  • Booking issues with WWE stars
  • New U.S. stars coming to Dragon Gate
  • Notes on All Japan's next big show and the return of Yuji Nagata to the promotion
  • Naomichi Marufuji 20th anniversary show
  • Notes from NOAH's first big show of the year
  • Notes on New Japan's Long Beach show and main event being talked about
  • Notes on the New Japan tour of Australia and goals
  • Notes on where Wrestle Kingdom had the most interest outside of Japan and who had the most interest
  • Pro wrestling Hall of Famer running for small city mayor and it's not Kane
  • Notes on a big 90s legends match
  • Stardom business notes
  • Longtime WWF champion talks about being in talks for a return to Japan
  • DDT tournament news
  • A look at the life of Reginald Love and the Love Brothers
  • Promotion reviving
  • Evolve notes for this week
  • More on national television broadcasts starting back in the U.K.
  • The good and bad of the new series
  • Notes on a new tag team tournament
  • How changes in the TV industry will effect ROH
  • More on the All In show
  • Notes on the first ROH show of 2018
  • Notes on the Impact changes
  • Update on Mysterio and Impact
  • Impact star claims he may fight MMA
  • Notes on UFC 219 on PPV
  • UFC total attendance for the year
  • Dana White talks upcoming fights
  • Notes on the value of the current UFC TV deal
  • UFC injury updates
  • Notes on UFC's first show of the year
  • Weird story about a match that isn't happening
  • Tons of new UFC fights
  • Two UFC drug test suspensions announced
  • Former NFL star to fight on AXS

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WON BACK ISSUE: December 25, 2000 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Blue Demon passes away, WCW talent walks out on tapings, more 

Alejandro Munoz Moreno, who was a 1960s Mexican movie star and possibly the second most famous wrestlers in that country's history as the Blue Demon, passed away on 12/16 from a heart attack at the age of 78. Demon, who would probably be ranked just behind El Santo as the most famous cultural wrestling icon in Mexico, starred in even lower budget movies than those which made Santo one of the most beloved and probably the longest enduring wrestling legend in any culture.