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WON Preview (January 18, 2021): The COVID-19 era continues

January 18, 2021 Observer Newsletter: The COVID-19 era continues

We have an update with more info on a number of COVID cases involving pro wrestling including more on Chris Jericho, Nick Jackson, Drew McIntyre, Mick Foley, Les Thatcher and more.  We look at what Paul Levesque said about the COVID issue, Jericho  talking about getting it in September, Nick Jackson, and more on others in the industry.

We also have our 2020 Business Year in Review issue talking about the biggest crowds, the biggest PPVs, how the year was totally different from any other, UFC business history and more.

We also look at every major promotion, why this year is so hard to evaluate, what you can't learn from the past year and can, how things look going into the new year, and issues going forward for every company.

We also look at Raw, Smackdown AEW and NXT and compare how they are doing now with one year ago, and where things will be in one year if the current direction doesn't change.

We also look at how much money Linda McMahon donated to Trump's re-election and funding of the recent attempt to take over the capitol.

We have a Royal Rumble update, how much money top stars can earn from doing social media advertising, Update on WWE's new A&E documentaries for this year, biggest Wednesday drawing card, more on  the next TV special for India, new stars from India debuting including two giants, Dusty Rhodes tag tourney news, the next Takeover show, Injury updates, Lita talks about when she was threatened with being fired, Ricochet contract notes, U.S. sports ratings, U.K. and Canadian TV ratings, New NXT stars, movie star teases working with WWE, Upcoming WWE television shows WWE market value and the most-watched shows on the WWE Network.

We've got a major piece of Vince McMahon's lawsuit against Oliver Luck and Luck's lawsuit against Vince McMahon.  We look at McMahon's complaints as well as what others involved said including some day-by-day looks at aspects of the XFL and its death.

We also look at how COVID has changed Japanese wrestling along with new restrictions and what they mean and how they relate to wrestling and the New Japan big show lineup over the next several weeks.

We also have a list of the 20 biggest crowds for pro wrestling ever in the country of Canada and notes about business peaks.

We also have detailed rundowns of the major television shows.

We also have the most detailed look at the television ratings of the past week, including segment-by-segment numbers for the past two weeks on Wednesday, who was watching in different age groups, how different segments did on Raw & Smackdown and more.

Also in this issue:

--Update on allowing events in Mexico City

--Key person in CMLL retires

--Updated plans for AAA

--Dragon Gate's two Korakuen Hall shows this past week as well as the big weekend event

--Update on Giant Baba Memorial Show

--Next All Japan title bouts

--NOAH's next big shows

--Update on New Japan TV

--New Japan World subscriber numbers

--New debut for New Japan

--Local TV wrestling tradition being brought back

--Dark Side of the Ring updates

--Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame notes and new inductees

--Greatest tag teams in Mexico

--Notes on the cancellation of 16 Carat Gold tournament

--How luck wXw was to get last year's 16 Carat Gold tournament done

--Revolution Pro news

--Promotion looking at doing a second weekly show

--Americans whose Japanese tours were canceled

--ROH program going forward

--Update on some ROH contracts

--Major lawsuit settled

--Notes on new announces in Impact

--Why next week's Wednesday numbers may have trouble

--Next week's Dynamite

--AEW Awards show notes

--AEW and NXT DVR numbers

--More tributes to Brodie Lee

--BTE & Dark numbers

--BTE & Dark highlights

--More on Irwin Rivera's accusation of stabbing his sisters

--McGregor vs. Porier news

--Dana White talks Khabib Nurmagomedov and him fighting again

--USADA changing its rules on marijuana

--Next two UFC show notes

--Upcoming new UFC fights

--This week's Tito Ortiz comedy

--MMA announcer says he was fired for taking part in demonstrations

--Paige VanZant's next fight

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