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WON Preview (July 9, 2018): Death of Matt Cappotelli

July 9, 2018 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Death of Matt Cappotelli

A look at the life and brief wrestling career of Matt Cappotelli is the lead item in the new issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Learn in this story why Cappotelli, who only had 37 matches in the WWE in his career, was so well liked by the people who knew him best. Find out about his battles with cancer, how fate got in the way of three different WWE startups and the plan for him to win a championship immediately after his call-up.

Look at the back story behind his interview after he learned he had cancer, his second battle with cancer, the Bob Holly situation and what could have been with the angle, his grudge match with Holly in OVW, plans for him in WWE and more.

Read more on Oscar De La Hoya and his MMA plans for Tito Ortiz vs. Chuck Liddell and the money deal and business involved.

Find out about Max Holloway being pulled from this week's UFC show.

This issue has full coverage of the ROH Best in the World PPV as well as Jay Lethal's ROH title win, including star ratings and poll results.

WWE's Extreme Rules is updated.

There is more with New Japan President Harold Meij talking about the company's expansion, with lots of business notes, how subscriptions have done since the Omega vs. Jericho match, and attempts to grow the wrestling audience.

Read more about the Leslie Smith case and how this could affect pro wrestling and MMA going forward and which companies it likely will and won't affect.

Coverage of WWE's return to Japan this past week is in this issue.

Also, look at the value of WWE, why it continues to increase, whether new projections make sense, how much profit analysts expect it to make over the next few years and more.

Inside contains notes on the WWE's September PPV show, WWE business dealings, WWE contract dealings with U.K. talent and what the contracts are worth and clauses in them.

This issue also discuses how much Vince McMahon is expecting to lose on the XFL this time and differences between this version and the first version.

Find out about the new changes with NXT Takeovers, and update a number of WWE injuries.

There are notes on a Daniel Bryan interview, a show during SummerSlam week, as well as a list of talent at the recent WWE tryouts and their backgrounds. Look at a new WWE Network special, next week's TV, and the most-watched shows on the WWE Network this past week. Also, Seth Rollins talks the Shield reunion that never seems to happen.

Read the notes on all the WWE house shows and NXT house shows from the past week with business notes, results and highlights of al the shows.

There is more coverage of the Kenny Omega, New Japan/CEO show from Daytona Beach, and a story on the retirement of Josh Koscheck and his forgotten role in spring boarding UFC in 2005.

Take an in-depth look at the ratings of all the major shows, the key demos for the WWE shows and what can be learned from them, plus the results of all the major pro wrestling events around the world over the past week. 

Also in this issue:

  • Update on L.A. Park in CMLL
  • The tricky politics behind independent workers, CMLL and AAA right now
  • Why Park won't be in CMLL for a while
  • Debut of Penta 0M in CMLL
  • A look at the Fenix vs. Cavernario match
  • NOAH looking like it will have a strong crowd
  • Kenny Omega talks WWE
  • Notes on the New Japan Cow Palace show
  • A look at the local promotion of the show
  • A look at New Japan's two big shows in the U.K.
  • Masakatsu Funaki's anniversary show
  • Who Chris Jericho studied for his match with Naito
  • Hulk Hogan taken to court again
  • Updates on Terry Funk and Ricky Steamboat
  • Update on Michael Elgin working in the U.S.
  • MLW planning big show
  • Actor doing a wrestling show later this month
  • Lucha Libre expo
  • Melbourne promotion planning biggest event in its history
  • Update on World of Sport
  • Will Ospreay debuts new promotion
  • Next Revolution Pro major show
  • U.S. and German promotion join forces to help train and develop new talent
  • Young Bucks business
  • A look at the next several weeks and angles of ROH television
  • Upcoming ROH shows
  • Notes on the latest episode of Being the Elite
  • Impact PPV updates
  • DeAngelo Williams Impact notes
  • UFC business notes for this coming week
  • A note regarding the future of the Ultimate Fighter show
  • New UFC fights
  • Bellator's last show coverage
  • What is next for Bellator
  • MMA Awards

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