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WON Preview: March 12, 2018: Build to WrestleMania, Bullet Club All In location

March 12, 2018 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Build to WrestleMania, Bullet Club All In location

An update on WrestleMania is the lead story in the new issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Go through what is announced, what is planned and not announced, and why certain key talents are still in limbo when normally they'd be in a program.

Look at changes in the Brock Lesnar/Roman Reigns storyline dynamic and what the goal of it is. Look at where the Lesnar/Kane match in Chicago fits in and how that match shows the changes in how people running the business view the business and perhaps overplay a certain reaction. Also look at the production manipulations for Ronda Rousey, the Fast Lane PPV, the ticket demand for the major Mania week shows, and an update on the Takeover show.

Read about WWE's new deal with the Saudi General Sports Authority and their deal with Visit Victoria for two of the biggest live events in company history this year. 

Find out more on the All In show announcement with the background of the show, the last time a non-WWE show drew 10,000 fans in the U.S., as well as the last time a true independent show came even close to that number, and it was 35 years ago.

Look at the WWE TV talks, the value of going to FOX with ups and downs of such a move, how those rumors have moved the stock price, a look at the wealth of Vince McMahon, Mark Cuban and Lorenzo Fertitta, Ronda Rousey's schedule, how much WWE's top executives earned in 2017, how much all the members of the McMahon family earned, update on Alberto El Patron and WWE, Ric Flair movie debut, new WWE TV deals, Jim Ross update, and a look at the career of Hillbilly Jim.

Review Johnny Gargano's last NXT shows, two WWE people being named to two different sports Halls of Fame, new plans for 205 Live and who is in those plans, will a War Games be coming in 2018, how business is looking for the Raw shows before WrestleMania, next MSG show card, Dwayne Johnson scare, Dolph Ziggler talks his angel, WWE TV ratings in the U.K. and the most watched shows of the week on the WWE Network.

This issue has reports from every WWE and NXT house show of the past week with highlights, results and business numbers.

Look at UFC 222, the idea of future stars coming out of the show, is Cyborg a draw, who proved to be a TV draw, PPV early estimates, other business notes, match-by-match coverage and poll results.

Find out about the situation with Rey Mysterio Jr.

Read about the New Japan 46th anniversary show with background on the top matches, notes on the New Japan Cup, as well as match-by-match coverage with star ratings and poll results for the show.

Inside, find out about the claims against Jonathan Coachman in Adrienne Lawrence's lawsuit against ESPN and his reaction to it.

Check out AAA's Rey de Reyes show from this past week, as well as plans for TripleMania this year including the top matches on that show.

This issue has the number of homes the key stations that carry wrestling and MMA programming can reach.

As always, this issue contains the weekly coverage of all the ratings of the major shows, detailed notes on who is watching all the WWE shows, results from the major league events held around the world, and the major TV show rundowns, plus the results of all the major pro wrestling events around the world over the past week. 

Also in this issue:

  • Major promotional partnership falls apart again
  • A look at the CMLL tag team title tournament
  • Unique reason an established star changed his ring name
  • Update on AAA shows on Twitch
  • Dragon Gate wrestler retires
  • Notes on Champions Gate weekend for Dragon Gate
  • Notes on the 2018 Best of the Super Junior tournament
  • More on New Japan's show in Long Beach
  • Chris Jericho schedule update
  • Kazuchika Okada going for records
  • Kenny Omega talks his current thoughts on New Japan, WWE and if he's interested in leaving
  • Thoughts on Omega & Ibushi's first tag team match back together
  • Update on Katsuyori Shibata moving to the U.S. and coaching
  • Notes on the April New Japan World schedule
  • Stardom announces major shows and a big gimmick match
  • More on PWG moving locations
  • Update on Tammy Sytch
  • Update on a movie about the Hulk Hogan case
  • Tons of news about WrestleMania weekend events
  • The first-ever pro wrestling cage match
  • Notes on one of the biggest indie shows of the year
  • The build for one of the biggest college heavyweight matches of all-time
  • The two men in the biggest upset in college wrestling history will be together at this year's NCAA tournament
  • A look back at the pro wrestling world champion who coached three of the leading military heroes of the last century
  • More on a statue of The Crusher
  • Pro wrestling major star trying to sell a TV show on his son
  • WWC returns
  • Former WWE woman star training to wrestle
  • The disaster of the latest 5 Star show
  • Notes on this week's wXw 16 Carat Gold tournament
  • Other events in conjunction with that tournament
  • Injury takes one of the biggest names out
  • Lucha Underground cease and desist letter to reporters
  • Update from this past weekend of Lucha Underground tapings
  • Notes on this week's ROH PPV show
  • Notes on the next ROH U.K.tour
  • Rundown of the first Honor Club show from New York
  • Notes on Impact's show in New Orleans
  • What wrestling owner has been telling people he's looking to buy Impact
  • Notes on Impact contracts with key people
  • Thoughts on Eddie Edwards vs. Sami Callihan
  • Jim Cornette talks that angle
  • More on the death of Bruce Connal
  • UFC and Bellator announce team talk his death
  • Dana White talks Conor McGregor
  • Michael Bisping retirement fight being talked about
  • Georges St-Pierre talks about why certain fights make no sense to him
  • Fabricio Werdum talks going into pro wrestling
  • Lots of new UFC fights
  • Payoff records for the last two UFC shows
  • Bellator signs two more legends and their first fights with the company
  • One of Pride's biggest feuds being looked at being brought back in Bellator

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WON BACK ISSUE: February 19, 2001 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Yearly business breakdown, WCW shutdown nixed

The XFL went from television's penthouse to its outhouse in record time as ratings plummeted on NBC to the point the entire league is already being labeled, just two weeks in, a major failure in most circles.It got so bad, that on 2/12, just eight days after the initial ratings for opening night came in at well above the levels even the most optimistic in NBC expected, that emergency meetings were held after an embarrassing show with a tremendous finish went 45 minutes long due to an alleged generator problem, an injury, and a double overtime.


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