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WON Preview (March 25, 2019): UFC PPVs to ESPN+, Wrestlemania 35 preview

March 25, 2019 Observer Newsletter: UFC PPVs to ESPN+, Wrestlemania 35 preview

A look at the details and ramifications of the new UFC PPV deal with ESPN+ is the lead story in the new double issue of the Observer. Look at the winners and loses of the deal, the economics of the deal, how it affects fans, what fans are going to be left behind, the role of Dana White, the negotiations that led to UFC looking outside of TV for PPV, where this deal has great value to UFC in ways you wouldn't think, as well as the future of Fight Pass.

This issue has a complete rundown of the WrestleMania card as it stands, as well as notes on matches not yet announced. Also look at the secondary market for the big shows over Mania weekend, as well as All In. Look at details of many of the matches and the story behind the Angle vs. Corbin match and what was and wasn't planned at the time of the announcement.

Also look at the details of WWE's planned move, update on Gallows & Anderson, Dana Warrior, a planned WWE match that fell through, why WWE stock is up, Sue Aitchison in the Hall of Fame, update on WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, Matt Hardy future, several new WWE signings, WWE nominated for awards, former Impact star debuts in WWE, most-watched shows on WWE network this past week, a look at the last NXT TV tapings, plus rundowns of all the WWE and NXT live events with business notes, results and other highlights.

Read a major feature on the career of The Destroyer. Look at Dick Beyer's transition from Syracuse line coach to The Destroyer, who came up with the gimmick, how it transpired, the role of Fred Blassie and Jules Strongbow in the story, Beyer's demands at first and how everything changed the world title picture in 1962, how Destroyer got over, and his matches with Gorgeous George, Blassie, Giant Baba and Pedro Morales.

Also look at the major stars Beyer helped break in, his plan to avoid unmasking in Los Angeles, why Dr. X unmasked but The Destroyer never did, his favorite U.S. promoter, his records in Japan, his role in the creation of other world titles, why he never worked Australia or New York City, and why The Destroyer became Dr. X, and where that name came from.

Look at his six years in Japan and his celebrity status, as well as life after wrestling.

Read full coverage of ROH's 17th anniversary show, the ROH/NJPW Madison Square Garden show, and match-by-match coverage with star ratings and poll results.

Also look at the suspension of T.J. Dillashaw and his vacating the UFC welterweight title, update the New Japan Cup, cover AAA Rey de Reyes and CMLL El Homenaje a Dos Leyendas.

Look at why the Young Bucks won the AAA tag titles, and what the big matches of the weekend in Mexico did.

Take a look at UFC's show in London with full coverage.

Look at the life and career of former NWA jr. heavyweight champion Roger Kirby.

Take a look at the movie "Fighting with my Family."

This issue has a feature on WWWF from 1971-73, looking at the Morales year. Look at the period that he dominated the promotion with a rundown of all his Madison Square Garden events.

Also run down the ratings of all the major TV shows, along with detailed demo info for the WWE shows.

As always, read the results of all the major pro wrestling events around the world over the past week. 

Also in this issue:

  • L.A. Park returns to CMLL
  • Dragon Lee ends a long title reign
  • Other CMLL special shows this past week
  • TV ratings from Mexico for the last two weeks
  • Another promotion in talks this past week to run Madison Square Garden
  • New Lucha talent expected to appear in the U.S. market shortly
  • A look at the next major Crash show
  • A look at the last Crash show
  • Son of longtime New Japan star about to debut
  • A look at one of the year's best shows at Korakuen Hall
  • Notes on the promotion of new Japan international events
  • Dynamite Kid tribute show in Japan
  • Riki Choshu coming to DDT
  • 1990 Lucha stars return to Mexico
  • Notes on Crusherfest in Milwaukee
  • A look back at The Crusher
  • Pro wrestling movie wins national award in foreign country
  • More on Josh Barnett's Blood Sport
  • Lots of new WrestleMania week news
  • AAW last big show coverage
  • Warrior Wrestling
  • Former WWE wrestlers announces retirement
  • Another former WWE wrestler arrested as part of coaching
  • OTT's big show of the year
  • Lots of International stars on U.K. events
  • Lots of MLW notes
  • Thoughts on the David Starr promo controversy
  • Coverage of the next month of ROH TV shows
  • Notes on this week's Impact tapings
  • Being the Elite highlights
  • Notes on trademarks filed for by Cody
  • New AEW signing
  • Conor McGregor talks what he wants to fight again
  • What is the situation with Tony Ferguson
  • Lots of new UFC fights
  • This week's UFC fight cad
  • UFC sponsorship business
  • Bellator show this week
  • Sorting through the huge money offers and politics regarding the elite in boxing

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