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WON Preview (March 8, 2021): Death of Jim Crockett Jr., NXT moving to Tuesday

March 8, 2021 Observer Newsletter: Death of Jim Crockett Jr., NXT moving to Tuesday

The story of Jim Crockett Jr., and the rise and fall of Jim Crockett Promotions is the lead story in the current double-sized issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.  

We look at the death of Crockett, the Crockett's family original involvement in wrestling, how Jim took over the moves he made in building a small market territory into one of the big three companies in the U.S.

We look at original plans and why they changed, the rise of Ric Flair, where Jm was a Hall of Fame promoter, the fight with Vince McMahon from 1984-88, getting the TBS deal, what led to JCP selling to Turner, the framework of the NWA in the 70s and 80s, the rise of the super show concept, mistakes made at the end, what happened when TBS took over, attempts to get back in wrestling and life after wrestling.

We also look at NXT to Tuesday, why, what should be expected for the unopposed shows, WrestleMania plans, Takeover plans and how this affects the industry as  a whole.

We also look at the next four PPV shows in pro wrestling with current plans and what happened this week to change plans.

We also look at a court case that has major ramifications on major wrestling companies.  We also look at a new documentary from a WWE star away from WWE .

We look at Raw conflicting with college basketball, how other sports do on TV against AEW or WWE, Canadian rating updated, where wrestling stands with mother major sports programming, WWE losing a time slot to AEW, WWE injury dates, Ric Flair talks his angle being dropped, WWE market value and the most-watched shows of the past week on the WWE Network.

We look at the New Japan  Cup and company plans going forward.  We also look at the Castle Attack shows, injury update, business notes and stadium shows.

We also have a rundown of Stardom's biggest show in its history at Budokan Hall.

We look at the life and times of Dean Higuchi, or Dean Ho, one of the major babyface stars of the 70s and his debut in Hawaii, his notoriety prior to wrestling, and his biggest career runs in WWWF and for Roy Shire.

We've got full coverage of Saturday's UFC show.

We also look at the life of Art Michalik, who was responsible for a major change in pro football, his NFL career, getting into pro wrestling, headlining in Japan and life outside of wrestling.

We look at the life of Johnny DeFazio, one of the most famous local stars in Pittsburgh, the heyday of Studio Wrestling and his life outside of wrestling including being a union head and for decades later a councilman.

We look at the career of Don Serrano, who spent decades in wrestling and certain firsts he was involved in.

We also look at the life of Ann Casey, a noteworthy woman wrestling star of the 60s and 70s.

We also have the most in depth coverage of the television end.  We go more into detail on the ratings than any other source, we have how every segment on NXT and AEW did as well as how it did with different age groups, genders and more, plus a look at all other wrestling shows of the past week.

We also have results of the major pro wrestling events of the past week.

Also in this issue:

--Update on CMLL PPV show with two matches that have been delayed since September

--Update on Konnan

--Trios tournament in Dragon Gate

--Updated Dragon Gate shows

--Notes on this year's Champion Carnival tournament and major matches

--A look at All Japan's last big event

--NOAH returns to Korakuen Hall with Keiji Muto as world champion

--More on Stardom business

--Japan honors iconic wrestling star

--Update on top New Japan star's injuries

--Update on Hall of Fame wrestler and his predicament

--Notes on return of NWA

--Billy Corgan talks NWA return

--Joey Ryan attempts to return to wrestling and who was involved and it falling apart

--Ryan lawsuit updates

--Lots of notes on the 2020 Observer Awards and history

--The Craig Carton ECW story

--Changes in the wrestling business

--The first heel turn of Butch Reed

--Southern California Hall of Fame inductees

--WrestleMania week shows

--Update on the third season of Dark Side of the Ring

--Top indie star may be able to return to U.S. after being banned

--Controversy at the Progress return

--Promotion folds and another has financial difficulties

--wXw changing philosophy

--Title matches on ROH TV this week

--Impact PPV update

--Coverage of AEW's women's tournament

--BTE highlights

--AEW streaming numbers

--Career of Khazmat Chimaev in jeopardy over COVID

--Masvidal wants Usman

 --UFC cuts former major stars

--This week's UFC show]

--Tons of new UFC fights

--Scott Coker talks new tournament

--Gina Carano gives her side of the story

--MMA  Iron Man in legal trouble

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