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WON Preview (May 13, 2018): Details on the UFC/ESPN deal, more

May 13, 2018 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Details on the UFC/ESPN deal, more

This is a big business issue of the Observer as we update all aspects of WWE business and look at the most important business deal in years, the UFC's new deal with ESPN.

Look at the ramifications from all perspectives of the UFC deal, what is good, what may not be so good, how this affects the schedule, Fight Pass, making stars, and the financial structure of the organization. Also, look at the key aspects of the deal and what it means for WWE as well when it comes to future negotiations, as well as the value of both products.

Read how this changes the value of TV vs. streaming vs. PPV, and how UFC benefits in ways more than just monetarily. Also, look at the level of deficit spending for ESPN this deal truly accounts for and why they are so willing to do so.

This issue runs down every aspect of the WWE business and how it's doing. Look at the long game for WWE business, the things to look through when WWE gives its presentations, what is now being hidden in the financial reports, why the stock looks overvalued but really isn't, the unique questions nobody is bringing up about the network numbers, the value of WrestleMania to the network, as well as house show business, television ratings, merchandise and licensing and the dichotomy of areas that are growing and those slowly declining. Look at the monetary value of the Saudi Arabia deal.

Have a look at company projections for the quarter and the year and how many people watch WWE live vs. via DVR now as compared to years ago, plus WWE's response to criticism of the Saudi Arabia deal.

Full coverage of Backlash, the Brock Lesnar title reign, Money in the Bank and other business notes plus match-by-match coverage with star ratings and poll results, and coverage of both New Japan Dontaku shows with match-by-match coverage, star ratings and poll results,  the Okada records, Okada vs. Omega, Dominion and the Best of the Super Juniors tournament.

Find out about Hulk Hogan's proposed WWE return, the WWE travel schedule, why this Monday's Raw rating could be bad, cities wanting WrestleMania, Paul Levesque talks the UK scene for WWE, including questions about a PPV or WrestleMania there, next NXT Takeover notes, WWE injuries, WWE stars movie updates, update on the proposed WWE stadium show in Melbourne, Tino Sabbatelli's injury, WWE episode of a network show, newcomers headed to WWE, WWE couple sets a wedding date, funny Undertaker vs. Rusev story, plans if Shane McMahon couldn't have done WrestleMania, Daniel Bryan on what he would have done if he wasn't cleared, the WWE/Impact deal that was made, WWE star training a giant former boxer, as well as the most watched shows of the past week on the WWE Network.

This issue also has notes and details on all the WWE and NXT live events over the past week with results, highlights and business notes, and covers the weekend UFC vs. Bellator head-to-head battle on television and PPV.

Take an exclusive look at ideas that are being considered regarding how Vince McMahon will attempt to change football with the XFL, with ideas for both speeding up the game and marketing the game.

Also in this issue:

  • CMLL's current tournament
  • Okada vs. Suzuki singles match announced
  • The upcoming New Japan TV schedule on AXS including a three-hour special
  • Big Japan major show coverage
  • Kobashi and Chono talk show on 15th anniversary of their Tokyo Dome match
  • A look at the late Neff Maiava
  • Notes from the Shawn Michaels induction at the Cauliflower Alley Club
  • Brickhouse Brown talks about his battle with cancer
  • Update on the health of Vader
  • Ceremony held for a country national wrestling legend
  • A look at MLW TV
  • APW King of Indies returns with complete eight-man lineup
  • An indie group in Los Angeles loading up names and attempting to draw 10,000 fans
  • Full details on the Progress Strong Style tournament
  • More on Progress coming to the U.S.
  • Promotion folds and owes wrestlers significant money
  • wXw brings in top stars for a big show this past week
  • The most over wrestler in the Mae Young Classic returns to action
  • A look at the return of Being the Elite
  • A look at All In tickets
  • More on the All In show
  • Dalton Castle update
  • A look at this week's ROH War of the World's tour
  • Top wrestling star gets gig on popular network reality show
  • Looking at a big Impact match.
  • Talk about UFC in Russia
  • Dana White talks GSP vs. Nate Diaz
  • Lots of new UFC fights
  • Oscar De La Hoya talks promoting MMA
  • Idea for a Pancrase nostalgia show using original rules

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