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WON Preview (May 20, 2019): AEW announces TV deal with TNT

May 20, 2019 Observer Newsletter: AEW announces TV deal with TNT

A look at the new AEW television deal with TNT and other aspects of starting up is the lead story in the new issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Look at the detail of the two nights being considered and the arguments for each night, international television, streaming, why the price is what it is, how long talks have been going on for the TNT deal, what other major player in the U.S. was in talks, more on the ITV deal, the nature of the TNT deal, can the company turn a profit, TNT ratings, what the value is, what won't be on the TV shows, the idea of the hows, and the first PPV card.

Read a lengthy bio on Silver King, a breakdown of what happened in the ring when he passed away and what lessons can be learned by it. Look at the start of his career, his going to All Japan as a teenager, Konnan and Chris Jericho talk about meeting him, Los Cowboys, his title runs, his first WCW appearance, his favorite WCW match, his run as Black Tiger, how he got the role in Nacho Libre and his various roles in the last decade of his career.

Read the updates on the next two WWE PPV shows.

Read a detailed article on Lars Sullivan, from his background, to his fine, to the questions asked, to what got him in trouble, why he was fined now, why he wasn't before and a lot of the questions regarding all this.

Also look at changes to WWE Network, Vince McMahon talks the move to FOX, WWE gets award nominations, tons of new news on the XFL, what happens to Vince McMahon when the XFL starts, why Percy Watson left the company, updating Mauro Ranallo's situation, updating Brian James' situation, a look at the current Extreme Rules card for July, WWE star graduates college, notes on Evolve, WWE goes after former wrestler legally over name usage, lots of new WWE signings, most-watched shows on WWE Network as well as a look at every arena event held over the past week, both NXT touring shows and European main roster touring shows with results, highlights and business notes.

Have a look at the legend of Tom Magee, the match with Bret Hart and the WWE documentary.

Read complete coverage of UFC 237 with match-by-match coverage and poll results.

Run down the ratings of all the major TV shows, along with detailed demo info for the WWE shows.

This issue has the results of all the major pro wrestling events around the world over the past week. 

Also in this issue:

  • Notes on this past week's Arena Mexico show and next week's show
  • Sons of wrestlers in one of the most famous matches in Lucha Libre history start a feud 
  • Dorian Roldan talks the history of AAA's television deals
  • A look back at when AAA was beating WCW and WWF in Los Angeles
  • A look at WWE and how it has done in Mexico opposite CMLL and AAA
  • Roldan talks AAA's U.S. expansion
  • More details on Mexico ratings
  • A look at the Best of the Super Junior tournament
  • Advance business for Jericho vs. Okada
  • More on the unveiling of The Crusher statue
  • Former WWE star's promo bites him in the ass
  • A look at the last AAW show
  • A look at Revolution Pro Wrestling
  • Lots of move made to MLW
  • Notes on MLW's next live TV special
  • Full details of the ROH War of the World's tour
  • Top matches for the next ROH PPV show
  • More details on Impact's next PPV show
  • Michael Elgin talks leaving New Japan for Impact
  • More details on the situation with Impact and Killer Kross
  • Impact injury update
  • Will U.K finally got a PPV show?
  • BTE coverage
  • More people AEW has signed and are talking with
  • A look at what recent UFC matchmaking says regarding Conor McGregor
  • Lots of new UFC fights
  • This week's UFC show
  • UFC schedule for the rest of 2019
  • Notes on Bellator's show in Chicago
  • Update on Bellator in Madison Square Garden

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