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WON Preview: November 20, 2017: Survivor Series card changes, McGregor incident, more

November 20, 2017 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Survivor Series card changes, McGregor incident, more

A preview and an update on Survivor Series is the lead story in the new issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, looking at that show and the Takeover show.

Look at Conor McGregor's behavior at the Bellator show in Dublin, and the tricky position punishing him is from all sides because of the money he generates. Also look at the fight out of left field for McGregor that people are already knocking heavily but would do gigantic business, how this may have already cost UFC a major main event.

The renewal of Lucha Underground, what is expected to change, notes no decreasing costs, and why some talent is happy but a lot of talent is less happy about this news. Also look at the Arolucha promotion, who is involved, when it's scheduled to tape, and how the renewal of Lucha Underground greatly impacts them.

WWE is in India, what the show cancellation and Jinder Mahal title loss means, the business in India, and claim of biggest match ever in India.

Read about Daniel Bryan's statements about returning to wrestling next year, and more on CTE. Take a look in depth at the economics of WrestleMania, how many tourists came to the show, how much tourists spent in Orlando and just how much more important WrestleMania is for a locale than even a few years ago. 

Examine the James Ellsworth cut, lots more on the Ric Flair 30 for 30, John Cena movie, update on WWE U.K., Chris Jericho cruise and 2018 schedule, the Randy Orton/Kevin Owens twitter back-and-forth, reaction to Owens & Zayn being sent home, Starrcade notes, Notes on indie asking price of a WWE wrestler just cut, injury updates, the next U.K. TV tapings, former WWE star talks coming out of retirement, as well as the current company value and most watched shows on the WWE Network.

Also in this issue:

  • Shocker's punishment for a charge of assault on a prostitute
  • A look at this past week's Arena Mexico show
  • A note on the legends show this coming week
  • Volador Jr. debuts in Crash and angle behind it
  • Ups and downs and Crash runs throughout Mexico
  • Ricochet's Japanese farewell in Dragon Gate with much of the roster and he talking about his experience there
  • Update on the Global League tournament and final round robin standings
  • Great news on Tomoaki Honma
  • Company gets international television deal
  • More on the promotion of the Tokyo Dome show
  • Drawbacks of the time slot
  • Notes on the tag team tournament
  • Okada goes to Australia
  • One of Japan's best workers will be out for one year
  • Stardom tag team tournament
  • Evolve and WrestleMania week ticket sales as well as noes for next shows
  • New local wrestling television show starts featuring a nostalgia theme
  • Return of pro wrestling to the Cow Palace and notes on celebrities in attendance
  • NWA title talk
  • Eric Bischoff in indie promotion storyline
  • Former pro wrestler wins major bodybuilding contest
  • How he came close to a big sot in WWE and what happened
  • Notes from the Shimmer tapings featuring the best women wrestlers in North America who aren't signed
  • Former TNA performer giving birth
  • Talk of another womens' wrestling promotion
  • More on last week's Revolution Pro shows as well as plans for upcoming matches
  • Full card for ROH Final Battle
  • A look at the ROH business
  • ROH weekend show notes
  • Notes on ROH shows this coming week
  • Notes on the next month of ROH television
  • Another major name leaving Impact
  • Notes on the storyline departure
  • Notes on Impact tile changes
  • Impact star doing television announcing
  • Update on TNA Hall of Fame and why nobody was inducted
  • Notes on the next several months of Impact television
  • New UFC main event planned
  • Dana White mad at Colin Cowherd
  • Talk about UFC business in 2017
  • Colby Covington talks Jon Jones
  • Will Joanna get an immediate title rematch
  • This week's UFC show
  • Tons of new UFC fights
  • Notes on the Bellator November shows
  • Mirko Cro Cop coming out of retirement again

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Rodney Anoia, who was the heaviest superstar in the history of pro wrestling and a two-time WWF champion under the name Yokozuna, passed away suddenly on 10/23 in a Liverpool, England hotel room a few weeks after his 34th birthday. Anoia was the most successful of the huge Samoan clan of wrestlers started by Afa & Sika Anoia, his uncles, when they began wrestling in the early 1970s. He was one of the biggest stars in the business around the world during his WWF run, which lasted from late 1992 through 1996.

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