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WON Preview (October 22, 2018): WWE Crown Jewel controversy, plus tons of news

October 22, 2018 Observer Newsletter: WWE Crown Jewel controversy, plus tons of news

A detailed look at how the problems with Saudi Arabia affect WWE's 11/2 show is the lead story in the new issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Read about the crowd reactions, John Layfield's television appearance, the different stages of reaction, the profit margin of the shows this year and next, reaction of some senators, the Wall Street reaction, and businesses who have and haven't pulled out of Saudi Arabia and big money deals at this point.

Look at the issues with UFC and Khabib Nurmagomedov coming after UFC pulled Nurmagomedov's teammate off the company's next show, as well as where Nurmagomedov stands in popularity, and what is next for him.

Find out about the NXT U.K. television deal and how it went down, Kevin Owens injury update, ticket sales for Evolution, next PPV cards from WWE as well as major house show cards, and what FOX is looking for out of the wrestling product. Look at more business analysis of WWE, NXT Takeover Los Angeles, WrestleMania overseas thoughts, a look at the business of 1992 SummerSlam, new Cena movie, schedule for some of the WWE bigger name talent and thoughts on Rey Mysterio, Starrcade, why MSG show is being changed around, and a Jericho Greatest Royal Rumble story.

Also look at the WrestleMania main event, what happen at Smackdown, WWE signs 7-foot-3 basketball player, WWE cuts three wrestlers, this week's schedule as well as a look at the most-watched shows on the WWE Network.

Read about the WWE house shows over the past week with in-ring highlights, result and business notes.

Have a quick look at the death of Dick Slater.

Find out about Eddie Alvarez signing with ONE and their financial information.

Look at the game changing team DAZN signed with Canelo Alvarez and how this changes the economics and culture of fight sports.

This issue has a huge feature on the life and times of Don Leo Jonathan, his legacy, his biggest matches, his title history around the world, his world titles, shoots, comparisons to modern wrestles, praise from other wrestlers and more. Look at how he broke into wrestling, his thoughts on wrestling, the story of his first feud with Andre the Giant, and how Montreal molded his career, as well as his Japan and Australia runs.

Read full coverage of both the good and the bad of Bound for Glory, with business and other thoughts on the show, plus match-by-match coverage with star ratings and poll results. Also look at surprises for the show that fell through.

Also look at Bellator's heavyweight tournament, the shows over the weekend, the ratings and thought on the finals.

Examine the lawsuit filed by Charlotte Flair's ex-husband over his portrayal in her autobiography.

As always, read the weekly coverage of all the ratings of the major shows, detailed notes on who is watching all the WWE shows, results from the major league events held around the world, and the major TV show rundowns.

Read the results of all the major pro wrestling events around the world over the past week. 

Also in this issue:

  • Update on the Friday night Arena Mexico show, business and hot matches from this past week
  • Notes on this coming week's special show
  • Update on longtime wrestling announcer
  • Notes on the Sugiura vs. Nakajima GHC title match
  • A look at a multi-promotional show planned in Japan that may become legendary
  • Update on the health of Will Ospreay
  • Chris Jericho talks about New Japan announcing
  • How Lanny Poffo got his new Japan announcing tryout
  • More on New Japan announcing
  • More on the build to Tanahashi vs. Omega
  • What the company wanted for King of Pro Wrestling
  • A look at the first two days of the Super Juniors tag team tournament.
  • Early word on the 2010 Fantastica Mania tour
  • Celebrity on 1,000th episode of OVW
  • UFC pioneer back doing pro wrestling in Australia
  • Chris Jericho has new non-wrestling TV show
  • Lots more on the 1972-74 Atlanta wrestling war
  • The role of Ann Gunkel in Georgia history
  • Legendary promotion looking at a revival
  • Lots of MLW news and how things are done backstage
  • Newcomers headed to OVW
  • Current and former WWE stars opening up a wrestling school
  • Tammy Sytch out of prison and talks future
  • Puma King talks about his career plans
  • Joey Janela talks his future
  • TV show put together by Brooke Hogan to have a second season
  • Update on Omega vs. Fenix in Poughkeepsie
  • Grado hosting a non-wrestling TV show
  • Front page story in English tabloids regarding one of the biggest stars in that country's history
  • A look at Revolution Pro getting television
  • A look at this past week's OTT and Revolution Pro shows
  • What matches were people raving about
  • More on the ratings problem with ITV World of Sport
  • Angelico talks leaving Mexico for Europe
  • Update on Dalton Castle
  • ROH wrestlers open new business
  • Sea of Honor tournament notes
  • A look at both ROH shows from this past weekend with business note as well as the next month of television
  • Impact time slot change
  • A look at the next month of Impact TV and the booking direction
  • More on McGregor vs. Nurmagomedov business
  • Daniel Cormier talks the last two fights of his career
  • UFC injury notes and new fights signed
  • Ronda Rousey talks the UFC's double standard
  • New Bellator DAZN and TV shows
  • Ortiz vs. Liddell III update
  • Giant actor and bodybuilder getting into fighting

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