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WON Preview September 10, 2018: All In reviewed, HBK return, more

September 10, 2018 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: All In reviewed, HBK return, more

The story of All In is the focus of this week's issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Take the most detailed look at the business and ramifications of what is one of the most unique major events in pro wrestling history.

Examine the business of the show, the realities of the popularity level, the lessons of the show, the behind the scenes story of the NWA title promotion, wrestling vs. sports entertainment, the timing issues, the last famous show with a similar timing issue, the controversy regarding the Joey Ryan angle, the story behind Chris Jericho being there, the promotion of the event and historical precedents for new promotions in new markets, the history, the history of New Japan and other groups in the U.S., value of Being the Elite, the legacy of Rey Mysterio Jr. and When World's Collide to understand long-term ramifications, what is next for the BTE cast, where the Young Bucks came from and how close they came to quitting wrestling and the background that led to this show taking place.

Read the match-by-match coverage with star ratings and poll results.

Look at the Shawn Michaels-Undertaker segment, where things stand today about going forward, famous retirement stips and the angle on Raw leading to everything, as well as more on the show in Australia coming up next month.

Find out about Daniel Bryan's WWE status, update Dave Bautista and his thoughts on wrestling again, notes on a taped December Raw show, Kevin Owens quitting, Evolution PPV business notes, Toni Storm update, new WWE signee proposes to girlfriend on stage right before coming to Orlando, NXT major star to Evolve, Big Cass talks what got him fired, U.K. TV ratings, injury updates, WWE stock value and the most watched shows over the past week on the WWE Network.

Run down every WWE & NXT arena event over the past week with highlights, business notes and results.

Also run down the details of Mixed Match Challenge.

Read notes on NOAH's big show at Sumo Hall featuring Hideo Itami's return to the promotion against Naomichi Marufuji.

This issue has full coverage of all the WWE television shows from the past week.

Take in-depth looks at the ratings of all the major shows, the key demos for the WWE shows and what can be learned from them.

Plus, read the results of all the major pro wrestling events around the world over the past week. 

Also in this issue:

  • A look at this past week's Arena Mexico show on the road to the anniversary show
  • A look at the last Friday night show before the Anniversary show
  • TripleMania ratings on Televisa and the comparison with last year
  • Notes on this past week's AAA TV
  • A look at the Global jr. tournament promoted by NOAH
  • First Tokyo Dome ticket sales notes
  • New Japan opens its new tour
  • Notes on shows on New Japan World this week
  • Another week with more sad cancer news related to people in the industry
  • A look at the Takayama fundraiser show
  • Former NOAH star returns after many years out
  • A look at the Lucha Expo in Las Vegas
  • A look at new promotion that will have national TV in the U.S. in January
  • Bret Hart talks about Jim Neidhart
  • Some documentaries on pro wrestling that will be on TV in early 2019
  • A look at the death of Lee Wang Pyo and the heyday of pro wrestling in South Korea
  • A look at the other indie shows held over All In weekend in Chicago including a celebrity match, and a confrontation and a concussion
  • Von Erichs return to Denton, TX with big show at a football game
  • Update on the World of Sport promotion and its house shows and what that seems to indicate
  • More on TV ratings and what they mean
  • A look at the most recent shows
  • A look at the Revolution Pro TV tapings with New Japan stars
  • WWE new signee coming to U.K. and a big match
  • Update on arrest at All In
  • More notes on UFC stock sale and value
  • Update on Brock Lesnar
  • UFC star wants a match with Logan Paul and he's a free agent
  • Donald Cerrone has a near death experience
  • A look at this weekend's UFC show
  • New submission based promotion running a show next month in Las Vegas with pro wrestling Hall of Famer in charge
  • Curtis Blaydes talks Brock Lesnar
  • Lots of new UFC fights

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