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WON Preview (September 21, 2020): Stacked NJPW G1, more

September 21, 2020 Observer Newsletter: Stacked NJPW G-1, more

With a huge feature on the crazy story of the original Hollywood Blonds tag team with the death of Jerry Brown, we've got a double issue this week of the Observer up on the site right now. 

Our lead story looks at this year's G-1 tournament looking at every card, the stories going into the card, the restrictions, the odds, and the new Will Ospreay.  We've got start time for every show and the complete lineups.  We also have comments by Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley regarding this year's new format. 

We also have an update on WWE Clash of Champions, with the matches announced updates on titles not yet announced with matches and keys to the show.

We've got an indepth story on the situation with Matt Riddle and Samantha Tavel.

We look at Daniel Cormier getting COVID and a new UFC product being pushed.

We also look at changes at the USA Network, Sasha Banks with a major acting gig, Update on Jeff Hardy, details behind the Paul Heyman/Roman Reigns pairing, new contracts sgned in WWE, wrestler teases gmmick change, Mandy Rose angle, A law being talked about reglated to the Sonya Deville incident, Retribution update, this coming week's WWE television, Randy Orton new business, Ivar injury update, Ronda Rousey update, Next NXT Takeover, weird TV moment, Sports & International ratings, Jimmy Jacobs talks WWE protocol and Vince McMahon, injury update, movie with WWE performers, market value of WWE and the most-watched shows on WWE Network.

We've got the complete rundown of this past week's UFC show with the stories behind the show and match-by-match coverage.

We also have a rundown of New Japan's last show this past week before G-1, held at Korakuen Hall, with the matches and angles and what is being pushed.

Our huge feature covers the life and career of Jerry Brown, who teamed with Buddy Roberts to form the Hollywood Blonds, one of the greatest heel tag team acts of all-time. This major feature looks at their beginnings, their heyday in Quebec and Florida, places they went, who they faced, as well as the other territories they went, championships they held, the second version of the Hollywood Blonds people don't remember, the mentality of the act and some crazy Jerry Brown stories, with lots of comments from Bill Watts, who put the team together.

We've also got in-depth looks at the ratings of all the major shows, the key demos and quarters for AEW and WWE, what happened head-to-head and what can be learned from them.

We also have the results of all the major pro wrestling events around the world over the past week. 

Also in this issue:

--A look at the Arena Mexico anniversary show lineup

--What match did the fans vote on and why it was changed

--Update on Cavernario and his injury

--Alll-time great announces he's retiring in 2021

--This past week at Arena Mexico

--Wrestler may retire due to knee problems

--Referee retiring after 63 years in the business

--A look at the major Dragon Gate show this weekend

--All the stipulations involved in the biggest stipulation match of the year

--Update on the Champion Carnival tournament

--Update on the Friday night New Japan show

--A look at the U.S. Young Lions New Japan tournament

--Stardom tournament update and big matches

--Dwayne Johnson acting update

--First weekly UWN PPV looked at

--Warrior Wrestilng notes on first show of the month

--Update on Bloodsport

--Update on Mauro Ranallo's latest project

--Lots on Debbie Malenko, a 90s star and what happened to her career

--Sam Muchnick's rules and why The Interns never worked in St. Louis

--Legends in Mexico working a big show

--A look at ROH's new concept and how week one of television looked

--Update on Impact angles leading to the next PPV show

--AEW's biggest peak of the year

--Update on AEW at Daily's Place

--Behind the Parking Lot match on AEW, who came up with the idea, who put the match together, why these teams and more on one of the biggest matches in the promotion

--Chris Jericho explains the Miro gimmick

--Tony Khan talks his two ideas at the beginning of the pandemic

--Why AEW is targeting 10/14 for its anniversary show

--Notes on AEW Dark and BTE for this past week

--Dana White updates on Tony Ferguson, Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier

--UFC signs Bellator's biggest home grown star

--Behind the latest charge against McGregor

--This week's UFC show

--Lots of new UFC fights

--End of Bellator on Paramount

--Jon Fitch farewell

--Thoughts on Bellator on CBS Sports Network

--What will be Bellator's regular television night going forward

--Results of Bellatror shows this past week

--More on the Canelo Alvarez lawsuit

--Paige VanZant's return

--Update on Halle Berry MMA movie

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