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B&V&C: Retro Raw and Nitro from 19 years ago this week!


The Bryan & Vinny & Craig Show is back today with tons to talk about in our look back at Raw and Nitro from 19 years ago this week! We've got TWO GOOD SHOWS for once, a fun Nitro including a SCOTT STEINER VS. GOLDBERG BATTLE, and a fun Raw with Undertaker vs. Kane in a preposterous Inferno match! A fun show as always so check it out, and if you love this show, EVERY Bryan & Vinny Show is available in beautiful HD at!

WCW Nitro had fallout from Superbrawl 1999, Rey Mysterio vs. Kevin Nash, the debut of Konnan’s rap video, the build to Spring Breakout 1999, Booker T vs. Bret Hart, a pretty bad match between Van Hammer and Bam Bam Bigelow, the Black and White explaining to Scott Norton who’s in charge plus more

Raw featured a big Inferno match in the main event, featuring Kane taking on the Undertaker. Other segments include Paul Wight and the Rock having a confrontation, Luna confronting Sable, the debut of Public Enemy’s short lived run in the WWE, the Undertaker continuing to talk of a higher power as well as focusing his sights on Vince McMahon.


Intro: Start - 3:13

WCW Nitro: 3:13 - 43:50

WWE Raw: 43:50 - end

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