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B&V&C: Retro Raw and Nitro from 19 years ago this week!


The Bryan & Vinny & Craig Show is back today with our look back at Raw and Nitro from 19 years ago this week. Don't have enough words to describe it. Boring, horrible, wretched, inconceivably bad, horrific, atrocious, awful, preposterous, ridiculous, appalling, we could go on. Russo needs to jump ship so Raw can improve and Nitro can get worse.

Raw had the debut of the Dudley Boyz, an assassin attacking a porn star, GTV featuring urination, the fallout from Big Show feeding Pepper to Al Snow, Tori vs. Ivory in a hardcore match, Triple H vs. Billy Gunn for the WWE title.

Nitro had the start of the Nitro Girls search, the debut of Curly Bill, Bret Hart returns, the mystery behind Sting’s attack, more matches that make you amazed they ran these kind of matches while unopposed, the debut of The Wall and a main event featuring Hulk Hogan against Diamond Dallas Page. Right now it's just the dirt worst. But hey, a fun show as always so check it out~!


Raw: 2:40 - 37:40
Nitro: 37:40 - end

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