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The Bryan & Vinny & Granny Show is back today with tons to talk about including Granny's Weekly Wrestling Report and this week's main event, VINNY VERSUS HIS GREATEST RIVALS. Then, Bryan and Vinny review NXT and the last two matches from the New Japan Anniversary Show on Monday night, two matches you should go out of your way to see. A fun show as always so check it out~!

We start off with Granny, with a game this week where we have to guess which three of Vinny’s enemies will be in her story this week. Granny’s wrestling report follows, featuring Charlotte’s first match, 205 Live, a Stan Hansen match from All Star Wrestling, Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart from WrestleMania X, and a look at Andre the Giant. Granny then tells her story on Vinny facing his three biggest rivals.

NXT is discussed, which features Alistair Black and Killian Dain in the main event. There was also the start of the Dusty Rhodes Classic. A promo by Heavy Machinery inspires Bryan to give a speech about the gym.

The popurri selection for this week is none other than the last two matches from the New Japan Anniversary show this week. Bryan and Vinny liked the show, but Bryan had some problems with Red Shoes. Bryan declares that Okada is the greatest wrestler of all time, and he explains why.


Granny: 1:22 - 21:57

NXT: 22:32 - 42:02

New Japan Anniversary show: 42:02 - end

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