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December 25 2009 Dr. Keith Show

You didn't think the tradition of Christmas Parties at Lipinski Manor would stop this year did you? Don't be silly! The mince pies and egg nog were in great supply as a whole host of your favourite people got together for a shindig that had everything except Don Frye coming onto Mrs. Sempervive. Maybe next year for that. So check out this FREE first stage of the Christmas Party 2009 as Alan, Rob Naylor and the returning DR. KEITH LIPINSKI discuss lovely topics such as ROH in NYC, TNA bringing "the band back together" and much more; and then Alan, Rob and "That Young Knockout Kid" CHRIS HERO sit down for some Ricky Marvin stories, Teddy Hart impressions and of course Hero's thoughts on the year past, and the year ahead in ROH, PWG and NOAH. This will be by far the best entertainment in your life since "Hangover Movie", so check it out and sign up for so that you can listen to STAGE 2 with Excalibur, Disco Machine, Ultramantis Black and more!!!

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