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November 27 2008 Figure Four Daily

Have you ever wanted to spend an hour with Dr. K in the PPH VW and get a front row seat next to the him at ROH's Rising Above PPV taping in the glorious metropolis of Chicago Ridge? No? Well, too CENSORED bad, Welcome to hell! Live (on tape) from Chicago Ridge, Dr. Keith discusses the show and plays some audio highlights (and many lame bits). Than, Rob Naylor joins the party to discuss ROH mark 2, Professor Finley (no, not the Irish guy, the wheelchair man), an indepth review of GNR's Chinese Democracy, Naylor's love of Edna Garrett yet lack of memory about her Edibles, spinoff's of fine shows, Fantasy Island and Robert Reed's vampire afro and much more. Almost 3 hours of semi-wrestle talk to digest your American thanksgiving with! Happy Turkey Day Turkey!!!

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