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JNPO: FloCombat's Duane Finley on UFC 200, Conor & Jones vs. DC

After a month in the Fortress of Solitude, Josh Nason has returned for the 36th edition of Josh Nason's Punch-Out with fellow scribe and FloCombat senior editor Duane Finley in tow!

Josh and Duane had no shortage of interesting stuff to talk about which included:

- A few good minutes on the Conor McGregor vs. UFC situation

- Thoughts on the build toward UFC 200 before the announcement of the event and after

- Why people are booing Daniel Cormier and loving Jon Jones

- Josh's theory as to what Demetrious Johnson needs to get over with fans

- What other fights Duane is looking forward to

- Some verbal roses for Carlos Condit (here's Duane's great series on Double C)

- What Duane is doing with FloCombat and why it's different than anything he's ever done

- And plenty more!

Enjoy this free edition of the show and share liberally!

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