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Josh Nason's Punch-Out: Michael Bisping & Chael Sonnen talk UFC, grappling battle

As #35 is Josh Nason's favorite number, he had to bring it strong for the 35th episode of Josh Nason's Punch-Out. With guests and former rivals Michael Bisping and Chael Sonnen, that mission was accomplished.

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Josh started with a fun 20+ minute conversation with Bisping that covered:

- Has he ever met a Count?

- Leftover thoughts from his big win over Anderson Silva

- Whether he thinks of himself as a pro athlete or a fighter first

- If he's title shot or bust for his next fight

- His plan for his grappling battle with Sonnen this Sunday on URshow.TV

- Whether there's any residual ill will from his UFC loss to Sonnen...and more!

Bisping vs. Sonnen

Josh then gave Chael P. a ring for a 15+ minute talk that included:

- Whether the lure of Bellator money is easy to walk away from

- What his career plan was post-retirement

- Updates on Global Force Wrestling

- How his grappling opponent went from Rampage Jackson to Bisping, and him almost boxing Roy Jones Jr.

- His advantage going into this fight and how he plans on finishing it

- His thoughts on Donald Trump...and more!

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