3/6 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: Bill DeMott, Breaking in Back in the Day, Mailbag, more~!

One of the bigger stories this week is about Bill DeMott, and the letters that surfaced this week regarding things he’s alleged to have done to developmental talents a couple of years ago.  Les and Vic talk about that and along the way, discuss Les’ breaking in back in 1960, how Les works with wrestlers he trains, Les’ experiences working with Bill in HWA, the line that must be walked today trying to find ways to push guys to be the best they can be without doing anything that just wouldn’t fly today, and more!  We’ll also answer your questions on Bob Roop, the perfect length of a wrestling tv show, scheduling the NWA Champion back in the day, Roddy Piper, and the video from the recent Beyond Wrestling show with Kimber Lee and Chris Dickinson that has gotten a lot of attention.  Thanks for listening and enjoy the weekend~!

3/13 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: NXT, Training the Next Generation, Touring, mailbag, more~!

It’s all about NXT from a bunch of angles today!  Les and Vic return to talk about the plans for a national touring brand, the talent reportedly on the radar screen to be brought in, behind the scenes issues, some of the potential pitfalls of continuing to bring in big name independent talent without truly creating new stars from scratch and the potential divide it could cause.  We’ll also talk politics.  Not those politics; wrestling politics and what is one to do when they’re on the outside looking in at WWE.  Also, your questions answered on Sara Del Rey, David Crockett, and are the fans to blame for the current direction of WWE?  Thanks for listening and have a great weekend~!

3/20 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: Ray Stevens, Sign Stealing, Promoting w/out National TV, more~!

Costumed capers and sign stealing is on the list of topics for this week’s show!  Those pro-Daniel Bryan signs being confiscated at Raw Monday led Les and Vic to talking about guys who were so laid back they seemed unconcerned about how they were booked in Les’ day and guys who were super vocal about the way they were used in a promotion.  Your questions also led to discussion of Ray Stevens, working a stiff in ring style, is national tv needed to have a successful promotion and a possible alternative to that, is this year’s show the worst Wrestlemania ever and more! Thanks for listening and have a great weekend~!

3/27 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: Wrestlemania Predictions, Booking Ideas for Rusev, Brock, more~!

It’s Wrestlemania weekend, which means Les and Vic give their PPV Predictions.  Before we get there, Les gives his take on what happened to Perro Aguayo Jr, shares some memories of Chris Candido, and gives a little love to possibly the hardest working wrestler this weekend in Timothy Thatcher (no relation).  Then, it’s onto our Mania picks where we’ll also discuss an interesting booking plan involving Rusev, an idea on what to do in the main event, and two matches Vic didn’t want to see under any circumstances that are on this show and why.  Thanks for listening, and have a great weekend~!