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AD: Monsters and mysteries of Iowa!

Mar 26, 2017

This show will also air FREE Sunday night at 9 PT, Midnight ET on the Dark Matter Digital Network available online at www.darkmatterdigitalnetwork.com and through TuneIn Radio.

DragonKing Dark: Into the Storm

Mar 26, 2017

Karl Stern relates his personal experience of surviving not one, but two, historic tornado outbreaks.

DragonKing Dark: The Atomic Bomb

Mar 19, 2017

Karl Stern switches his focus to science and history to examine the atomic bomb, how it was created, and the times it has been used.

DragonKing Dark: The Beast (666)

Mar 12, 2017

Karl Stern looks at who or what the Beast may be, what 666 may or may not mean, and if the emergence of the Beast is near.

DragonKing Dark: Holographic or Simulated Universe

Mar 05, 2017

Karl Stern digs deep into theories that we could be living in a universe that isn't quite what it seems.