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WOL: Weekend wrap-up, AEW PPV buys, Raw preview

Sep 08, 2019

On the Sunday WOL, Bryan Alvarez goes solo to wrap up a busy wrestling and MMA weekend.


DragonKing Dark: Oddities of Hawaii

Sep 08, 2019

Karl looks at some of the more strange, odd, and weird places in this tropical paradise that is rich with history and the ancient wisdom and traditions of the people who live there.

WOR: UFC and Bellator reviews, AEW PPV and ticket sales, RAW MSG, more!

Sep 08, 2019

A packed weekend edition of the show!

Left My Wallet: Vinny vs. Producer Rob

Sep 06, 2019

Vince Verhei and Producer Rob square off for the fantasy football title belt.

Wrestling Weekly: All Out fallout, WWE writing team changes, NXT on USA

Sep 06, 2019

Les Thatcher & Vic Sosa talk All Out, WWE's writing team shake-up, and more.