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WWE Main Event results: Ziggler, Titus, & The Usos vs. Del Rio, Sheamus, & The Shining Stars

Jul 21, 2016 6:14pm

The last edition of Main Event before the rosters split features a big six-man tag main event.

Lucha Underground Ultima Lucha Dos pt. 3 results: Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Prince Puma

Jul 21, 2016 4:23am

The season two finale is here as Matanza Cueto faces the revamped Pentagon Dark and Prince Puma battles Rey Mysterio Jr. in the main event.

WWE CWC results: Akira Tozawa vs. Kenneth Johnson; Tajiri returns

Jul 20, 2016 7:48pm

Bryan Rose recaps the second week of the Cruiserweight Classic tournament.

WWE NXT results: Bayley vs. Nia Jax

Jul 20, 2016 7:23pm

Bayley looks to get her revenge on Nia Jax in the main event of tonight's NXT show.

WWE SmackDown Live results: The Draft

Jul 19, 2016 7:38pm

Follow our live coverage of tonight's sure to be noteworthy WWE Draft on SmackDown Live.

Sami Zayn v Curtis Axel

WWE Superstars results: Becky Lynch & Sami Zayn make their Superstars debut

Jul 16, 2016 7:29am

Debut wins for both Becky Lynch and Sami Zayn, with all the talk about next week’s draft.

NJPW on AXS TV results: Makabe vs. Ibushi for the NEVER title

Jul 16, 2016 7:08am

The 2015 Destruction card is the focus of this week's NJPW on AXS TV.

WWE SmackDown results: Dean Ambrose & Sami Zayn vs. Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens

Jul 14, 2016 7:14pm

A tag team main event caps off the last Thursday edition of SmackDown

WWE Main Event results: Cesaro & The Usos vs. Del Rio & The Dudleyz

Jul 14, 2016 3:06pm

A six-man tag headlines this week's edition of Main Event.

WWE Cruiserweight Classic results: Kota Ibushi vs. Sean Maluta

Jul 13, 2016 7:12pm

The CWC debuts with slick presentation and solid action.