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New title challengers emerge at ROH Free Enterprise

Sunday's Ring of Honor Free Enterrprise show in Balitmore, Maryland, saw new contenders created for both the World title and the Tag Team titles. 

In a twenty man battle royal for a shot at current Ring of Honor World Champion PCO, Flip Gordon won, posing as Dragon Lee throughout the match only to reveal himself following the final elimination of Kenny King.

Gordon wasn't announced for the battle royal as he had competed earlier in the night with a victory over the debuting Slex. He even shaved his beard after the Slex match as to throw people off the scent even more. One complication to the title shot is that he and PCO are stablemates in Villian Enterprises.

In the other title shot that was earned Sunday, the hard-hitting duo of Jeff Cobb and Dan Maff defeated the reigning ROH Tag Team Champions Jay Lethal and Jon Gresham in a Proving Ground match to earn themselves a future title opportunity. The end came when Maff hit a burning hammer on Lethal to get the pin. Proving Ground rules are that the challengers must beat the champions or go to a time limit draw to earn a title shot.

Dates were not announced for when those matches will take place.

Here are the full results from ROH Free Enterprise.