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Ring of Honor 8/29 TV results and recap: ROH TV Title Match Jay Lethal vs Hanson


By Paul Fontaine, for WrestlingObserver.com

The Big Takeaway – A night of grudge matches, culminating in a solid TV title match heading into next week’s championship edition of ROH TV and their return to PPV in 3 weeks. Jay Lethal cements his case for the Best in the World with his performance in the main event and his antics after the match.

Adam Page w “his young boy” Colby Corino and BJ Whitmer (on crutches) vs Jay Briscoe

Kelly reminds Corino that he’ll have to behave himself tonight with Whitmer and his son out here. He was suspended two weeks ago for putting his hands on Corino. Page refuses to shake Briscoe’s hand to start. “I’m Adam Page, and I’m with the Decade and the Decade doesn’t shake hands.” He then slapped Briscoe across the face while the fans chanted “JAY IS GONNA KILL YOU”.

Briscoe offers his hand again and gets slapped again. Fans now chanting KILL JAY KILL. Briscoe does just that, stomping a mudhole in him from pillar to post. He throws Page outside the ring and follows him with a suicide dive. Colby hits him with a crutch and then Page throws a chair at Briscoe’s head and the ref calls for the DQ.


After the match, Page brought some chairs into the ring and hit the Rite of Passage on Briscoe on top of the chairs. Mark Briscoe comes out for the save. This was more an angle to set up a program than a match.

After a break we get a recap of the angle where Silas Young challenged Dalton Castle to put up his boys in a match against him. Castle cut a unique taped promo. Castle accepts the challenge, so long as Young agrees to become one of his boys if he wins.

Cedric Alexander w/Veda Scott vs Caprice Coleman

Never really noticed this before but Alexander looks like a trimmed down Big E and would probably fit right in with the New Day. Alexander cuts a promo before the match, reminding everyone that he’s the only person in ROH to beat Moose twice. Beating Coleman does nothing for him and he decides he doesn’t want to compete.

Coleman insults Veda Scott, calling her the one with the most hair on their chest, and them’s fighting words so the match is on! The commentators remind us of how these two are former teammates and Coleman was a mentor for Alexander for years. Match is fairly even leading into the first break.

Back from break and Alexander trying to set up a suplex but Coleman fights him off. Match is kinda slow and plodding and the crowd seems to be getting restless. Corino talks about how even Alexander’s personal life has changed since he hooked up with Veda Scott, that their kids don’t play together anymore and his wife is hard to get a hold of. This is far more interesting than the match.

Scott hands Alexander a wrench. This brings out Moose and Stokely Hathaway. Hathaway grabs Scott and Moose takes the wrench away from Alexander. In the ring, Alexander hits the Sky Splitter for the win.


Alexander went after Moose after the match but Moose knocked him out cold with the wrench. Prince Nana is out as well and hands Alexander an envelope that looks like it’s stuffed with cash and shakes the hands of Moose and Hathaway. Corino screams BUT WHAT’S IN THE ENVELOPE as we go to break. Pictures of Baby Doll, perhaps?

“Rudo-Bon” Brutal Bob Evans vs Cheeseburger

Match starts outside the ring after Evans said something that couldn’t be shown on camera to Burger. He goes after Burger with a chair but Burger ducks out and Evans runs into the post. Match eventually gets to the ring and the bell rings for the official start.

Cheeseburger dominating from the start and Evans takes a powder outside the ring early. Rudo-Bon pulls out Burger’s feet from under him to get the advantage and takes it back inside the ring. Evans toying with Burger as the fans chanting CHEESE-BURGER! Burger with a brief flurry of offence but Evans stops that with a flying shoulder tackle and covers for a two. He argues with the ref over the count, which gives Burger a chance to recover.

Burger gets a two off a roll-up but Evans takes him down with a Lariat. Evans goes under the ring for a table. Kelly reminds us the first match between these two ended in a no contest after they both went through a table. Burger still down and out in the ring. Evans screams I HATE YOU at Bruger and picks him up put him through the table but Burger fights him off and hits the Jushin Liger palm strike, knocking Evans off the apron and through the table. Loud CHEESE-BURGER chants from the crowd as well as EXTRA CHEESE. Evans doesn’t recover and the crowd counts along as Evans is counted out.


Corino compares this to the Orioles winning the World Series (match was taped in Baltimore). That may be a bit match but fans seem pretty happy. Jay Lethal with a taped backstage promo hyping up tonight’s TV title match with Hanson. He puts over his shirt and says you can’t find Hanson’s shirts because they’re in the garbage. He says in a few months, Hanson’s gonna go back to being the fat kid in the corner after he beats him. His wife will leave him, he’ll be homeless….basically his life will suck.

Inside ROH with Mandy Leon talks about next week’s Championship Showcase on ROH TV. Two title match with the Young Bucks challenging the Addiction for the tag titles and Jay Lethal defending the World title against Roderick Strong. We get another Jay Lethal promo about that match. He says to pay close attention to what he does to Hanson because Strong’s in for the same next week. We then get a recap of the angle a couple weeks ago where the Addiction taped Matt Jackson to the ropes and triple teamed Nick, hitting him with the Indie-Taker to close it off.

Main Event for the ROH World Television Championship – Champion Jay Lethal w/Truth Martini vs Hanson

Bobby Fish joins the commentary team as he’s got a title shot vs the winner of this match on PPV in 3 weeks. We are reminded that Hanson pinned Jay Lethal at Survival of the Fittest last year. Fish likes Hanson in this match because Lethal is spread too thin, defending both belts.

They do adhere to the Code of Honor to start. Duelling LETHAL/HANSON chants from the crowd. Fish makes the point that even though Lethal is confident in his interviews, his body language tells a different story and that he seems concerned about Hanson.

Fish makes mention of Hanson’s undertrunks and that he doesn’t usually wear blue and that maybe these are “championship undertrunks”. Don’t usually get that type of analysis on a pro wrestling show. Hanson taking the fight to Lethal early. Hanson no-sells some Lethal chops on the apron and then clotheslines him over the top rope into the ring. Martini distracts Hanson, allowing Lethal to hit a superkick and knock Hanson to the floor. Lethal then hits the tri-fecta of suicide dives, including diving over Martini on the last one, which knocks Hanson into the crowd.

After a break, Hanson’s in the ring but still down. Corino suggested an alternate name for ReDRagon’s finisher….”Chevy Chasing the Dragon”. Fish’s response – “Geez Louise”. That was pretty bad. Hanson recovers and takes control of the match again. Hanson does the cartwheel followed by the clothesline but only gets a two. This draws an ROH chant from the crowd.

LETS GO LETHAL chants from the crowd as Hanson sets him up on the top turnbuckle and hits a series of hard chops. He goes for a corner splash but Lethal gets his knees up and hits Hanson “right in the ding-ding”. That’s never not funny. Lethal hits the Hail to the King but Hanson kicks out at one. He’s been watching Ishii tapes.

They trade punches and kicks in the corner. Lethal staggers Hanson and then tells the crowd he’s going for Lethal Injection. Instead, Hanson nails Lethal and then hits his own version of it. Hanson goes to the top and hits a moonsault but Lethal gets his knees up again. Lethal calls for the Lethal Injection again and goes for it but Hanson ducks out. Lethal hits a superkick and then nails the Lethal Injection finally. Lethal hits it a second time and covers for the win.

WINNER – JAY LETHAL by pinfall

Lethal went over 100% clean over a top challenger. Novel concept in pro wrestling. Fish and Lethal argue after the match. Lethal says that O’Reilly is the man of the team. This brings out O’Reilly and Lethal says he’ll take them both on. They get on the ring apron. Fish – “Your day is coming, where you’ll have to deal with both of us”. Lethal – “Ya, well your day will NEVER come, cause I am the television champion (holds the belt up to Fish) and I am the World Champion (holds that belt up to O’Reilly)”. He then turns his back to both of them to pose and they enter the ring. This brings out Roderick Strong, who rushes the ring and Lethal bails. Lethal then tells all three of them individually that they’re gonna lose before heading to the back as the show closes.