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Ring of Honor 9/16 TV results and recap: Kingdom vs War Machine


By Paul Fontaine, for WrestlingObserver.com

The Big Takeaway – Show was your basic build for next weekend’s PPV. Really good tag match in the main event that reminded me of a Road Warriors/Midnight Express  (or maybe Freebirds) match from the 80’s.

This is the go-home show for All-Star Extravaganza Sept 18th on PPV. This was taped at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, PA.

The House of Truth (Donovan Dijak/J Diesel) w/Truth Martini and World/TV Champion Jay Lethal vs The IWGP Junior Tag Team Champions ReDRagon (Kyle O’Reilly/Bobby Fish) (non-title)

The teams adhere to the Code of Honor and Jay Lethal joins the commentary team to hype up his title matches with both member of ReDRagon. He’s not concerned that Kyle O’Reilly has beaten him because that was the past and this is the now and right now, he’s the greatest professional wrestler on the planet.

In the ring, it’s O’Reilly against Diesel and he fires up the crowd with a simple slap and a pose and that fires up Diesel as well. He and Fish cut off the ring for the first few minutes, isolating Diesel.

Lethal puts over O’Reilly a bit for having a couple victories over him but mocks Bobby Fish for being so confident, saying he’s never done anything and is lucky to even be  in the ring with him. Dijak gets involved behind the ref’s back and gets the tag in the ring.

ReDRagon quickly gets control on Dijak, though, basically using the brains over brawn tactic. Dijak does get in a backbreaker on O’Reilly and throws him out of the ring as we go to break. Silas Young cuts another awesome promo for his match with Dalton Castle next weekend on the PPV. I’m so excited not so much for this match but for the aftermath and it doesn’t matter who wins.

Back from break and Dijak is still in control and gets a one-man standing ovation from Lethal. Diesel tags in and is playing up to the “mini-Tista” chants he gets by doing Bautista’s fall-away slam. Quick tags and the HOT have O’Reilly isolated in their corner.

O’Reilly gets the hot tag to Fish and a light “F em up Bobby” chant starts. And exploder suplex into the turnbuckle on Diesel might have done just that and Dijak comes in to break up the pin. O’Reilly and Fish take turns chopping down the tree that is Dijak, taking him to his knees with brutal kicks and then stereo kicks take him out.

Fish gets the ankle lock on Diesel but Dijak comes into break it up. O’Reilly jumps Dijak’s back and puts on a sleeper. Fish ends up getting the tap from the ankle lock after he drops to the canvas.


After the match, Lethal gets in a shouting and shoving match with both members ofReDRagon that has to be broken up by officials. Kevin Kelly suggests the pressure is getting to Lethal and he may be losing his grip on reality.

Back from break, we get a BRISCOES PROMO!!~~! Briscoes vs a Mystery Team at All-Star Extravaganza. Mark hopes it’s King Kong or Godzilla. Jay doesn’t care who it is. He also talks a bit about “the pimple on my ass that is Adam Page”.

Cedric Alexander w/Veda Scott vs Dalton Castle w/his boys

Silas Young joins the commentary team to build up the match with Castle this Friday. Loudest chant of the night so far is DALTON CASTLE during his ring entrance. Young says that Castle is everything that’s wrong with professional wrestling. Never noticed this before but Veda Scott looks a lot like Velma from Scooby Doo.

Alexander gets early control but the boys are on the case, fanning Castle, while the fans chant FAN UP. I just got really excited for a feud between Castle and either Briscoe brother. I’m sure it’s coming at some point.

Castle jumps out of the way of a charge from Alexander and lands on the top rope, right in the “ding-ding” as Silas mocks him on commentary. Veda Scott tries to get involved and the boys start fanning her, causing her to cower away in terror, while Corino suggests that she’d melt if you poured water on her.

After a break, Alexander’s in control and mocks Castle’s strut. Young puts over Castle as a great wrestler but again criticizes his lifestyle and says he’s gotta show Castle and his boys the right way to live. Young starts mocking how the boys pee, saying he’s gonna teach them to pee standing up. Yup.

Castle gets control in the ring and Alexander hides behind Scott. Castle gets the tilt-a-whirl Rana and the boys fan him and Alexander. Castle tosses him into the ring and hits a corner to corner flying knee and takes him to the top. Alexander fights him off and hits aspringboard press but Castle catches him and nails a belly to back suplex.

Castle gets the deal-lift German suplex that never fails to impress and Alexander kicks out just before the three. Fans chant THAT WAS THREE. The boys fan off Castle some more and Young says he’s seen enough and get up and pulls the boys off the ring apron. The distraction allows Alexander to get a roll-up and the pinfall.


Stokely Hathaway comes out  with a wrench to confront Alexander and Scott. Fans chant MOOSE as Moose comes in through the crowd and nails Alexander with a spear as Scott looks on in horror. Moose and Alexander will meet in a no-DQ match next Friday.

Mandy Leon is back with Inside ROH and she’s interrupted by Adam Cole, who apologize for interrupting her a couple weeks ago. He wants to talk about his two matches. A 4 way #1 contender’s match involving himself, AJ Styles, Michael Elgin and Roderick Strong as well as the World title match between Jay Lethal and his Future Shock tag team partner Kyle O’Reilly.

Jay Lethal cuts a taped promo for his TV title match with Bobby Fish. He’s always had someone to watch his back but this time he’s along and just like everyone else, he doesn’t have a chance to take what he’s got.


No DQ match between Cedric Alexander and Moose

3 way World tag team title match: The Addiction vs The Kingdome vs The Young Bucks

Silas Young vs Dalton Castle

The Briscoes vs a Mystery Team

Matt Sydal vs ACH, which they call match 3 in a best of 5 series. I watch ROH TV every week and get every PPV and this is the first time I’d heard of this. No idea when or where the other 2 matches happened.

The Kingdom (Michael Bennett/Matt Taven) w/Maria Kanellis vs War Machine (Hanson/Rowe)

Taven is wearing a cut off tank top that says “Big in Japan”. That would look a lot better on Maria but I’m sure there are some ladies (or dudes) out there that think Taven wears it well. The Kingdom has new ring attire….very, VERY pink. Nice change.

War Machine in control early, isolating Taven. Taven gets the tag after a couple minutes but that doesn’t really change anything, just a different guy to get beaten down for War Machine. Maria gets involved and Hanson puts her on top of Bennett, who he put on top of the top rope. Taven comes in and pulls Hanson out of the ring before anything can come of that and we go to break.

Back from break and Hanson is stuck in the Kingdom’s corner, trying to fight his way out but the double-teaming is too much. Taven goes to the top rope and Hanson throws Bennett into the turnbuckle, knocking Taven off and then hits Bennett with a tilt-a-whirl slam, before making the tag to Rowe.

Hanson does a top rope dive but gets caught by Rowe and thrown into the corner. Rowe cleans house on the Kingdom. War Machine sets up for Fallout, but Bennett comes in to break things up. War Machine charge at the Kingdom but they duck and War Machine ends up on the outside. Bennett and Taven both try dives outside the ring but both are caught and tossed around outside the ring by War Machine.

Back in the ring and Rowe hits a powerslam on Taven and Hanson gets set to do a top rope dive but Maria pulls at him from the outside. That distraction allows Bennett to get involved and pull Hanson from the top.

Young Bucks are out and pull Maria from the apron. Fans going nuts with YOUNG BUCKS chants and Corino says “give it to her, give it to her, give it to her” with gleeful joy. In the ring, War Machine hits a double-chokeslam on Bennett and then hit the Fallout on Taven for the three.


With War Machine not even on the PPV show, this booking choice seems to indicate a Kingdom win on that show, and then a title program with War Machine. Bucks in the ring after the match and lay out Bennett with a double superkick. This bring out KRD, who lay out the Bucks with the tag team title belts. Show ends with the ROH World Tag Team Champion of the World posing with their belts and then we get some quick promos for the big match at All-Star Extravaganza.