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Ring of Honor Aug 8 TV results and recap: Kingdom vs ReDRagon; ACH vs Watanabe


By Paul Fontaine, for WrestlingObserver.com

The Big Takeaway – Fast-moving show with 4 matches, including two squash matches. Several big title matches announced for the next several weeks and further advancement in the Adam Cole/Kingdom storyline.

This show was taped in Baltimore so we’ve moved on from the New York tapings.

Watanabe vs ACH

ACH is the huge crowd favorite here although they do chant NEW JAPAN during Watanabe’s entrance. They do a New Japan strong-style chop-fest to start. Watanabe appears to get the better of it, having the size advantage. It’s announced during the match that the Strong-Lethal rematch will air on ROH TV in a couple weeks.

ACH takes over with a series of kicks that knock Watanabe out of the ring and then a running kick from the apron that takes him down as we go to break. Back from break and they’re in the ring. Watanabe turns things around with a gourd buster and a follow-up Senton gets just a two count.

Duelling WATANABE/ACH chants as they do a headlock spot. ACH powers out and Watanabe takes a powder outside the ring. ACH follows him with a Fosbury flop dive. Back in the ring, he goes for a running clothesline but Watanabe nearly takes his head off with a lariat. ACH powers out of a Fisherman Buster attempt and then gets a two after a couple quick kicks to the head.

They move to the outside and Watanabe nails a release German suplex on ACH and then rolls him back into the ring. He hits the Fisherman’s Buster but only gets a two. ACH hits a superkick and then a brainbuster to take the momentum. He follows up with the Midnight Star from the top to get the win.

WINNER: ACH by pinfall

During the commercial break, ReDRagon cut a promo for tonight’s main event with the Kingdom. They tell the Kingdom that they have two choices, run away now or stay and take your beating.

Nigel McGuiness (from earlier tonight) is in the ring cutting a promo putting over the main event of Death before Dishonor. He explains that the reason he didn’t give Strong and Lethal five more minutes is because one of them would’ve suffered a serious injury. He said that Strong does deserve a rematch and announces the match for August 21st at the Philadelphia TV tapings. The winner of that match will defend against Kyle O’Reilly in September.

Also in San Antonio, Bobby Fish will get a TV title shot so it’s possible that Jay Lethal would have to defend both belts on the same night. Not sure why that needed to be done as a separate segment.

During the commercial break, Dalton Castle did a promo for his shirt that you just have to see. “Don’t cover me up, I’m talking about my shirt!”.

The House of Truth (J Diesel/Donovan Dijak) w/Truth Martini and Jay Lethal) vs War Machine (Hanson/Rowe)

Lethal joins the commentary booth for this one. He’s defending the ROH TV title against Hanson at the next PPV. No adherence to the Code of Honor as the House of Truth attack War Machine before the bell.

War Machine takes the early advantage, double-teaming Dijak. Diesel runs in to make the save but it doesn’t go to well. Match seems to be a backdrop for Lethal to talk about all the pressures of being a champion and his future title defences. Hanson stacks up both his opponents in the corner and hits a running splash but when he tries it again, Dijak hits a boot to the head to turn it around.

HOT cut off the ring but Hanson powers out quickly and gets the tag to Rowe. He takes out both his opponents with tit-a-whirl slams and then a Superman punch to Dijak. Both Rowe and Hanson hit a series of running knees to Dijak but Diesel gets time to recover and briefly gets some offence in.

That doesn’t last long as Rowe isolates Dijak in the ring again and hits a series of gut-busters before Hanson hits a splash from the top. Diesel runs in and eats a spinkick and then the Fallout for the pin by Hanson.


Lethal cuts a promo on Hanson from the table. He repeats over and over again that Hanson’s gonna choke and without Rowe to back him up, he’s nothing.

Adam Page w/Colby Corino and BJ Whitmer (on crutches) vs Tim Young

Highlights of the no-DQ match between Page and ACH at Death before Dishonor are show. Announcers are putting over Page as a caged animal. Whitmer attacks Young before the bell, rather than adhering to the Code. Page hits the Rite of Passage seconds in for the win.

WINNER: ADAM PAGE by pinfall

Whitmer gets a mic and puts over Page as the future of the company. He calls Young a “ham and egger” and feels that ROH was insulting him by giving him this match. Page calls out Jay Briscoe but the announcers mention that the former champion isn’t here. Page says that he’s not coming out because he’s a “scored little tool”. Crowd doesn’t know he’s not there and doesn’t really know what to make of it.

Whitmer takes a headset and asks why Steve Corino is still out here. He says that he should be banned from commentary for putting his hands on him. This brings out Nigel, who actually makes Corino go to the back, while Whitmer continues to taunt him. Nigel then tells him to get to the back as well as we go to break. This was a fun little segment.

After the break, Kevin Kelly it out solo and explains that even though Whitmer was pushing him, Steve Corino went over the line by putting his hands on a wrestler and Nigel was right to send him to the back.

Main Event:

The Kingdom (Michael Bennett/Matt Taven) w/Maria Kanellis vs ReDRagon (Bobby Fish/Kyle O’Reilly)

The teams do adhere to the Code of Honor. Kelly says that it’s actually ReDRagon’s favorite part of the match. Crowd heavily behind Fish and O’Reilly. Adam Cole comes out right after the match starts and gets a huge ADAM COLE chant from the crowd. He joins Kelly at commentary.

Cole says he’s close personal friends with all 4 competitors but that two of them have been extremely hard to get a hold of in recent weeks. He’s obviously referring to his Kingdom teammates. In the ring, O’Reilly and Taven do some chain wrestling which ends with Kyle O’Reilly getting an armbar on Taven. Taven rolls out of the ring and O’Reilly tags in Fish. Taven then tags in Bennett.

Fish takes control with running kicks and tags in O’Reilly. They cut off the ring and double-team Bennett for a couple minutes. Bennett hits a lowblow and tags in Taven as we go to break.

Back in and it’s chaos, with all four guys involved. O’Reilly hits a dving knee from the apron on Bennett to take him out. He then rolls Taven into the ring. Maria gets on the apron to distract O’Reilly, which allows Taven to hit a superkick and then Bennett to spear O’Reilly off the apron and outside the ring.

Taven lays the boots to O’Reilly outside the ring and tags in Bennett. O’Reilly gets a brief hope spot but Bennett turns it around with a Thesz press and then starts mocking Steve Austin for some reason, doing a bunch of his mannerisms. He tags in Taven, who then channels Kevin Nash with Snake Eyes. O’Reilly grabs a leg in a submission attempt but the Kingdom quickly get the advantage again with a sweet double-dropkick.

Crowd trying to spurn on O’Reilly with a chant and he gets control after a mistimed clothesline by Taven takes out Bennett. O’Reilly hits a series of kicks and then SWEEPS THE LEG before getting the hot tag to Fish. Fish hits an Exploder into the corner on Taven and then both of ReDRagon hit running knees in the corner on Taven and Fish covers for a two.

Bennett comes in without a tag and now all 4 guys are in. O’Reilly gets a standing sleeper on Bennett but Taven breaks that up with a dropkick. He makes the cover but the ref won’t count because neither guy is legal. Taven then hits a Senton splash on Fish after a tag but Fish kicks out at 2.

Kingdom sets up for a Spike piledriver on Fish but he powers out. All four guys in again. O’Reilly and Bennett square off in the centre in the YAY/BOO spot. Bennett gets the better of it, hitting a superkick at the end. Fish nails him from behind while he’s posing though and then Taven hits a springboard thrust kick to take Fish out.

O’Reilly recovers and he and Taven are exchanging kicks. O’Reilly gets thrust into the ropes and looks like he’s going to do the Nigel/Dean Ambrose rebound spot but Bennett hits him with a superkick from outside the ring to knock him out of the ring. The Kingdom then nail O’Reilly with a Spike Piledriver outside the ring and Cole at ringside does not look impressed.

Back in the ring, Fish is fighting both Taven and Bennett by himself. He gets the better of it for a bit but Bennett turns things around with a spear. They then hit the Hail Mary on Fish in the ring for the pin.


Kingdom were put over strong and relatively clean over the 3 time former champions here. With Fish and O’Reilly both set for singles title shots that may be the last of them as a team for a while. Kingdom are about to hit another Hail Mary on Fish but Cole leave the commentary table to break things up. Maria is not impressed but they do leave the ring without hitting the move again as the show closes.