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Ring of Honor July 25 TV results and recap: ACH vs Bobby Fish


By Paul Fontaine, for WrestlingObserver.com

The Big Takeaway – Very unique main event that didn’t look that great on paper but turned into a pretty good match. Heated angle between the Decade and Steve Corino right before the main event as well.

Last night’s iPPV was a contender for show of the year so  I urge you to order  it if you haven’t seen it yet.

The Kingdom (Matt Taven & Michael Bennett) w/Maria Kanellis vs Corey Hollis & Johnathan Gresham

Kingdom are out with their IWGP Tag team titles, so this was taped before they lost the belts to the Bullet Club. Fans chant LETS GO JOBBERS to start and the Kingdom take to beating on the jobbers outside the ring, while Maria joins Kelly and Corino at ringside. Bennett even gets into it with the fans at ringside, to the point of daring one of them to punch him.

Corino tries to put over Gresham as an international star, claiming he’s won Junior tag team Gold in Japan. Maria mockingly says “he’s really showing it now”, as he’s getting double-teamed by the Kingdom. He does get a brief hope spot in, before tagging in Hollis.

Hollis is a house of fire for a couple moments, while Maria laughs it off. Taven gets a near fall off a spear and Gresham makes the save but that only sets him up for a flying leg lariat from Taven. Double superkick by the Kingdom on Hollis, followed by the Hail Mary gets the pin for the Kingdom.


Caprice Coleman vs “RudoBob” Bob Evans vs “The Last Real Man” Silas Young vs Cheeseburger vs Moose w/Stokely Hathaway vs Dalton Castle w/his Boys

This is called Six Man Mayhem. Prince Nana joins the commentary team for this one. It’s basically Lucha rules, as you are in the match if you get tagged in, or if someone gets knocked out of the ring and I believe it’s a one fall match but that isn’t made clear.

Moose and Castle look to start off but Brutal Bob tags himself in. That allows Castle to tag in Cheeseburger, so RudoBob tags in Silas Young. So, everyone but Coleman’s been in the match before a move even takes place.

Young has his way with Cheeseburger, before throwing him out and allowing Coleman to enter the match. Coleman is in control as we go to break. Back in the ring and it’s Moose and Young in the ring but it’s kind of chaotic as there’s guys brawling outside the ring and Coleman and Brutal Bob enter the ring. Ends up with Castle in the ring by himself and he teases an out of the ring dive but decides to strut instead.

Young enters the ring against Castle and Kelly confirms that it is a one fall match. Brutal Bobs out Young and works over Castle for a bit. He then offers Moose a tag but he won’t take it for some reason, so he tags in Young instead. The Boys works the crowd with their fans, while Young is in control of Castle.Young’s had enough of that and takes out the Boys with punches, eliciting a DALTON CASTLE chant from the crowd.

Young tags in RudoBob again. Fans are chanting for MOOSE now, so Castle tags him in. Moose runs wild on Evans and Young. When Evans rolls out, Cheeseburger enters the match but Moose tosses him over the top immediately. This brings in Coleman, who decides to do an Asai Moonsault to the outside, taking out everyone. Young enters, but Moose tosses him out of the ring as well and then does a cannonball dive outside the ring, taking out everyone. He then rolls Cheeseburger into the ring.

Moose goes for a spear but Castle intercepts with a flying knee. Now it’s Mayhem, with everyone running in and hitting their moves. Ends up with Castle doing a dead lift German suplex on Moose in an impressive spot.

Evans sneaks in and rolls up Moose with his foot on the ropes and almost gets a fall but Cheeseburger pushes Evans’ feet off the ropes. Evans tosses Cheeseburger, allowing Moose to hit a spear for the win.

WINNER: MOOSE by pinfall

Back from break and the Decade is in the ring, with BJ Whitmer cutting a promo. Crowd heat is nuclear. Whitmer is putting over Colby Corino, saying that we’ve been witnessing the maturation of young Colby over the last couple of weeks. Fans chanting Shut the ____ Up! The third word is bleeped but I can guess what it is.

He “almost beat” Moose and then he “almost beat” War Machine by himself, according to Whitmer. Whitmer says that he now thinks of him as his own son, drawing the ire of Corino at ringside and getting STEVE CORINO chants from the crowd. Whitmer has a gift for Colby, a Gauntlet match tonight against 4 guys from the ROH tryout camp.

Decade Invitational Gauntlet Match

Colby Corino vs Shahim Ali and Wildman Congo and The Beast Ortiz and The Punishmen Martinez

The four opponents are announced as weighing a combined 1800 lbs, which is at least 10 times what Corino weights, maybe 15 times. Steve Corino gets up from commentary and the fans chant SAVE YOUR SON. Corino gets in the ring and looks like he’s going to fight. Whitmer then says to Corino “How long before you abandon that pretty little wife and that baby son of yours”. This brings out Nigel McGuiness and a bunch of officials to get in between them. Match never happens, sadly.

Mandy Leon is here Inside ROH and she’s promoting the return of the New Japan stars on August 21st and 22nd. Okada, Nakamura and Kushida will all be there and we get video highlights of their previous ROH matches. Leon is great in this role and will be a nice addition to NXT someday. No matches announced at this point, just that they will be there.

After being told by Kevin Kelly before the last two segments that the main event was “next”, it looks like it’s finally here.

Main Event:

ACH vs Bobby Fish

Nigel McGuiness joins Kevin Kelly at commentary as I guess Corino has been sent to the back to cool off after the Decade segment. They adhere to the Code of Honor without incident. Kelly announces that Fish’s tag partner will face Adam Cole in next week’s main event.

Grappling exchange to start with neither guy getting the advantage. ACH eventually takes over using some of his aerial moves. Tilt-a-whirl suplex from the corner is the first pinfall attempt of the match from ACH but he doesn’t even get a two count.

ACH misses a springboard dive to the outside on Fish, as we go to break. Back in and Fish is working over the midsection of Fish but ACH fights him off with chops and then kicks to the legs but starts selling the gut from the earlier body-work from Fish. ACH takes him down with a lariat and gets a two. Still selling the midsection hard.

Fallaway slam from Fish gets a light THIS IS AWESOME chant and Fish follows up with an Exploder suplex into the corner for a two count. Fish flips off the crowd, which gets blurred and actually draws a BOBBY FISH chant. ACH dodges a flying bodypress by Fish, sending him outside the ring. When he gets up, ACH nails him with a Sick Kick from the ring apron. ACH still selling his midsection and now his shin but takes out Fish with a Fosbury Flop outside the ring.

ACH rolls Fish into the ring and goes for the Dung Dung drop but misses. Fish pounces on him, working over the knee and hits a dragon screw legwhip. ACH comes back with a two off of a Shining Wizard though. Back to the top rope for ACH and goes for a 450 splash but Fish gets his knees up and gets a two count. Fish then starts to work over the leg again. ACH tries for two straight Enziguris but Fish ducks both of them and then locks in a kneebar aka the Fishook. He transitions to a heel hook but ACH rolls through and goes for a pin. Fish kicks out, having to release the hold.

ACH whips Fish into the corner and goes back to the top. Fish takes out his knee with a kick and then hits a Falcon Arrow from the top for the win.


Really good show this week after last week’s hiccup.