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Ring of Honor June 20 TV results and recap: Roderick Strong vs. Nakamura; Bullet Club vs. Okada/Rappongi Vice


***Editor's Note: This review originally ran on Saturday for the first-run Sinclair version of the show.

By Paul Fontaine, WrestlingObserver.com

The Big Takeaway:

On the heels of an excellent PPV last night, this show that was taped a month ago is a must-see with two PPV main event quality matches.

Show Recap: 

Nigel McGuinness joins Kelly and Corino at commentary for the last of the shows that were taped in Toronto.

“Mr ROH” Roderick Strong vs Shinsuke Nakamura

NAKAMURA chants greet the NJPW star before he even comes down the ramp. Ring is littered with so many streamers you can barely see it. Dude is over is what I’m saying. They do adhere to the Code of Honor. First part of the match is mostly grappling, which Strong gets the better of. Strong with a couple hard slaps and then a leg lariat and covers but doesn’t even get 2.

Strong with a headlock but Nakamura elbows out of it. Strong with an Olympic slam for a 2 count. Nakamura goes out of the ring and hits a running knee on Strong, who’s on the apron and then drops a flying knee on him. Nakamura lies him on top of a ring barrier and hits another running knee as we go to break.

Kelly plugs the Codeline as they do the YAY/BOO spot in the centre of the ring. Strong ends up getting the better of it and tosses Nakamura out of the ring and then hits a running kick. Strong was cut open, likely during the slap/punch sequence. Strong with another two count off of a backbreaker. THIS IS AWESOME chants from the crowd. Strong going for the Strong Hold but Nakamura locks in a sleeper. Strong to his feet but Nakamura nails him with a backbreaker to take the advantage.

Roddy gets a knee up when Nakamura tries a running attack into the corner and Nakamura is on the ropes. Strong drops him from the top rope and gets a two count. Nakamura blocks a suplex and then hits a flying knee from the top and both guys are down. THIS IS WRESTLING chants now. Strong with a gutbuster but doesn’t cover. Strong with the Strong hold in the centre of the ring. Nakamura works to the ropes though for a break.

They trade punches and elbows in the YAY/BOO spot again. Nakamura gets the better of it but Roddy comes off the ropes with a Sick Kick but only gets a two count. Fans are going nuts. Another THIS IS AWESOME chant. Strong pulls him to his feet and nails a series of elbows but Nakamura blocks a suplex and then hits a running knee and covers but only gets a 1 count. Nakamura charges but eats a knee. Roddy charges at him but eats a savate kick and Nakamura gets the pin. Both guys selling like they’re dead after the match. This was better than most WWE PPV main events.


Gedo vs Michael Elgin

No filler as we’re right back to action after the break. Elgin is not well-liked, even in his home town. They do adhere to the Code of Honor. Match was basically a showcase for Elgin, mostly dominating with his size and power. Gedo did get a brief period of offence in after an eye poke but this was basically an extended squash. Elgin got the win with a Buckle Bomb.


Mandy Leon is here for another episode of Inside ROH. I think she’s talking about the upcoming shows with NJPW stars returning but it’s hard to concentrate. They do show highlights of past NJPW/ROH shows in a video package. The package closes off with what looked like footage from the Bucks/AJ vs The Kingdom match from last night’s PPV.

“The Rainmaker” Kazuchika Okada & Rappongi Vice (Trent Barretta/Rocky Romero) vs The Bullet Club (Matt Jackson/Nick Jackson/AJ Styles w/Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson)

Red Shoes is the referee. AJ and Okada kick things off as Corino is pushing the title match on July 5th in NJPW between these two. They have a pretty even wrestling exchange with both guys trading covers off of victory rolls. Fans chant NEW JAPAN as Barretta and Nick Jackson tag in. Barretta gets the first two count off a bridging suplex and then tags in Romero.

Matt hits superkick #1 on Barretta as he’s running on the ring apron but he’s not the legal man and has to go back to his corner. Bullet Club triple teams Barretta in the middle but escape before the five count. Matt Jackson spits in Okada’s face, drawing him into the ring and distracting the ref for more triple teaming. Fans chanting A J STYLES as he’s in against Barretta and we go for another break with AJ in firm control.

Back from break and Barretta is making a comeback and works to his corner. He’s about to tag but AJ and Matt Jackson are behind his partners and pull them down to avoid the tag. Nick hits a running knee on Barretta for a two. Nick to the top and goes for a Swanton but Barretta gets his knees up. Barretta hits a twisting DDT and finally gets the tag to Romero. He’s a house of fire, taking out all 3 of his opponents.

Fans chanting ROCKY ROCKY ROCKY. Matt hits Superkick #2 on Romero but Romero no-sells it and hits a running clothesline and they’re both down. Okada and Styles tag in again. Okada getting the better of him with a DDT and a flying back elbow for a 2. Okada hits a neckbreaker on Styles and goes to the top but Nick Jackson knocks him off with Superkick #3. Rappongi Vice hit a double knee on Nick. Matt in and takes Barretta but he recovers long enough to put Matt on his shoulders outside the ring, allowing Romero to hit a running knee from the apron.

AJ takes out Barretta with a sliding dropkick. AJ with the Sunday Bloody Sunday DDT on Okada. Sets up for the Styles Clash but can’t get it. Okada hits a Tombstone piledriver and does the Rainmaker pose as the fans chant OKADA. AJ ducks the Rainmaker and Okada charges him. AJ hits the blind tag to Nick Jackson. Okada to the ropes and tags in Romero. Matt hits a spinning back elbow on Romero and tags in Nick. Matt with a Buckle Bomb on Romero and Nick kicks him in the back of the neck just before he hits the buckle.

Nick hits a Swanton on Romero, while Matt holds him on the ropes but only gets a 2. YOUNG BUCKS chant from the crowd. Nick hits a 450 splash on Romero and Matt goes to the top Barretta runs from across the ring and throws him off. Okada drops the flying elbow from the top on Matt and then does the Rainmaker pose. Matt ducks the Rainmaker and AJ comes off the top rope with a double axehandle on Okada.

AJ set up Barretta for the Styles Clash but he reverses. Looks like Romero and Barrett were setting up for spike piledriver as Romero jumps off the ropes  but Nick hits Romero in mid-air with Superkick #4. Superkick #5 is Nick on Barretta and Styles rolls through and sets up the Styles Clash again but Okada nails him with a dropkick. Everyone’s down in the ring and the fans are going nuts.

THIS IS AWESOME chants as they start to recover. All six guys are trading shots in the middle. Superkicks #6,7 and 8 as The Bucks and AJ hit them simultaneously on their opponents. Okada up first and firing away on all of them but Matt and Nick hit #9 and #10 on Okada at the same as AJ hits the Pele kick. BULLET CLUB chants from the crowd. Bucks hit the Indie Taker and then the Meltzer Driver on Barretta. He’s dead, but Styles sets up for the Styles Clash anyway but not before Matt and Nick hit Superkicks #11 and #12 on him. Styles hits the Styles Clash for the pin.


Two four star matches sandwiching an Elgin squash match makes this show kind of a must see.